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Getting Around

The first thing you will notice when you step foot onto our beautiful Island is the absence of automobiles.* (Some find this ironic, seeing how Michigan revolutionized the world with the automobile.) Initiated in 1898, this ban on automobiles has resulted in clean, noise-free air and a quaint, village ambiance filled with the soft clopping of horses. Just like yesteryear, you’ll get around by foot, bike, horseback or horse-drawn carriage. Dock porters at the ferry lines will usher your luggage to your final destination.

*Excludes emergency vehicles


Click here for a Mackinac Island Overview Map
Click here for a Mackinac Island Ski Trail Map


Hiking And Walking

Foot power is so underrated. With so much to see and do inside the Park, hiking and walking is an intimate way to get close to its majestic geological formations at your own pace. When was the last time you knew the names of wildflowers, trees, birds and rocks? When was the last time you stood on a bluff overlooking magical waters with a cool breeze soughing through softly swaying trees? On foot, the Park becomes your own personal universe.