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Mackinac Island Guides & Maps: Download Directory

Mackinac Island 2013 Visitors Guide (2014 guide coming soon)
The official visitors guide, a wonderful 48 page travel guidebook on everything Mackinac Island including a comprehensive accommodations directory.

Mackinac Island Locator Map
The most comprehensive map possible (24″w x 9″h).

Mackinac Island General Map
An easy print version of the trails, downtown and hotels (8.5″w x 11″h).

Mackinac Island Cross Country Ski Map
Groomed trails abound courtesy of the Mackinac Island Ski Club (8.5″ x 11″h)

Mackinac Island 2013 Dining Guide (2014 guide coming soon)
With over 40 restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, diners, drive-ins and delis, Mackinac is a cornucopia of dining.

2014 Mackinac Island Attractions Pricing
The go to list for things to do on Mackinac and how much to budget.

Mackinac Architectural Walking Tour
Learn the who, what, where and why of over 300 years of American Architecture found on Mackinac Island (12″w x 9″h).

Mackinac Island 2014 Wedding Organizer
The official guide to planning a Mackinac Island wedding. Click here to visit the website www.mackinacislandweddings.org.

Mackinac Island Winter 
Selected as on of HGTV’s Top Ten Christmas Towns, Mackinac Island is perfect for a small town getaway during the winter. Highlights include New Year’s Eve Celebrations and February’s Chili Cook Off.

Mackinac Island Town Crier
Online subscriptions encouraged for the local newspaper on Mackinac Island.