Best Mackinac photos from 2018: Happy New Year from the island!

It’s almost time to put another year in the books and say hello to 2019. But before we say goodbye to 2018, let’s take a look at 18 of our favorite snapshots from this past season on Mackinac.

The limitless beauty and joy of the island cannot be captured by any single image. Yet, each of these photos offers a glimpse of the awesome, whimsical, active, relaxing, breathtaking, glorious nature of Mackinac, and together they begin to paint a picture of a vacation experience that we hope you’ll share  next year.

Here’s to 2018…

Yes, there are more horses on Mackinac during peak season than there are people who live on the island year-round. This one’s probably the cutest.

Sure, historic Fort Mackinac is in a highly defensible position on the bluffs high above the water. But maybe the British built it there simply because of the incredible view. (Note the Mackinac Bridge in the distance, top right)

Speaking of incredible views, that giant rock rising out of the island is Sugar Loaf. It’s one of many natural rock features to find while exploring the interior of Mackinac, which is more than 80 percent state park.

May be going out on a limb here, but that looks like the Cave in the Woods! This is one of many secret spots on Mackinac, and not many people find it.

Of course, not everybody has to search very hard to find what they’re looking for. Here are some of the best places to hammock the day away on Mackinac. A reminder, overnight hammocking is not allowed on Mackinac Island.

With no cars on Mackinac, life moves at a slower pace…

…so slow that even the wings of a hummingbird seem to stand still.

It’s okay to stop and smell the flowers on Mackinac.

In fact, the island holds a really big festival each June to celebrate a flower, the lilac. The lilacs on Mackinac are among the largest in the world.

Mackinac also celebrates hundreds of weddings each year. So, if you’re planning to get hitched, amid Adirondack chairs, against the backdrop of dazzling blue waters – and under a perfect rainbow – well, this is your place.

Even if you’re not getting married, and it’s just you and your dog, that’s cool, too. Bring little Fido to Mackinac and have a blast together!

Ah, ice cream in downtown Mackinac!

And nice, cold drinks at the bar!

Good thing Mackinac offers an inspiring setting to work off those treats. (And we didn’t even mention world-famous Mackinac Island fudge!)

On Mackinac you can get around by horse

…or by bike. (There’s a lot of ‘em, like 170 bikes for every island resident!)

However you like to travel, when the sun sets on 2019 we hope you’ll have a Mackinac experience to remember.

What Mackinac moment are you going to make next year?

(This is not real rock climbing. Nobody was injured in the making of this photograph.)

Make plans now for a memorable 2019. Happy New Year!

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