Plan now to use all your vacation from work…on Mackinac Island!

Raise your hand if you have so many vacation days left at the end of the year that you can’t possibly take them all before December is done.

You’re not alone.

More than half of us fail to use all of our paid time off from work each year. So, don’t feel bad about it. Just know that you would feel so good if you took the time to enjoy all of your vacation days.

Here are some staggering numbers from the U.S. Travel Association on PTO trends:

  • American workers leave more than 750 million days of PTO unused each year
  • That’s more than 25% of hard-earned PTO that gets wasted
  • On average, that amounts to 6.5 days per person. That’s almost a week and a half of vacation that never gets taken.
  • Collectively, that’s more than 2 million years’ worth of unspent vacation!

How does a week’s vacation sound right about now? Or any time of year? Just think of where you could go this year with those 6.5 days!

Come see why Mackinac Island was voted Best Summer Travel Destination in the USA

A mother and two children relax on a rocky beach full of smooth stones on Mackinac Island during sunset

Put Your PTO On The Calendar Before It’s Too Late

Start planning a Mackinac Island vacation now because if you wait, well…one work project begets another, and your calendar starts getting even more full. All of a sudden, it can be hard to find time for vacation time.

You know from experience that your schedule won’t have any trouble booking itself if you don’t get proactive and intentionally plan some time away. Block that time out RIGHT NOW!

And don’t start making excuses, or else you’ll find yourself in the same boat again with handfuls of unused vacation days that will go to waste. Instead of procrastinating or making excuses, start imagining yourself on vacation.

After all, researchers have identified significant health risks in people who don’t take enough vacation time – serious risks like a much higher incidence of heart attacks! It’s good both for you and your boss when you take time off to rest and recharge. For one, people who use their vacation days to travel tend to be happier with their health and well-being, happier with their personal relationships and even happier with their job. And they are more productive when they return.

Besides, you earn your vacation time, just like your paycheck, so you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. Go ahead and get that vacation time on the calendar now, before the busyness of life makes you put it off until it’s too late.

What’s so special about Mackinac Island?

A woman paddles a kayak in the water around Mackinac Island as the sun begins to set.

Why You Should Use Your PTO On Mackinac Island

Studies show that workers who use their paid time off…

are more relaxed. Imagine yourself lounging in an Adirondack chair on the great lawn at Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort with a cool drink in your hand and a warm summer breeze lifting your spirit. Just breathe, and feel the tension drain away.

experience less stress. Imagine getting away from the rat race to a place where time stands still, where you can relive the fascinating history of Mackinac Island or slow down and soak in the present.

make more memories. Imagine snapping the perfect Mackinac Island selfie that captures a happy moment in time forever. Smile!

are at less risk of burnout. Imagine sitting down to a relaxing dinner in a one-of-a-kind Mackinac Island restaurant and having no place else to be. Your body will appreciate it!

enjoy more time with family and friends. Imagine exploring the outdoors on Mackinac Island with the people you love or making new friends in a place you’ve never been.

have more fun! Imagine staying in a unique B&B, hotel, condo or cottage on Mackinac Island and having a blast with all of these amazing Mackinac Island things to see and do.

If you don’t get many vacation days, be smart about how you use them. You can piggy-back days off on national holidays to open up longer travel opportunities, like taking off the Friday before Memorial Day to get a 4-day weekend while using only one vacation day. Holidays aside, taking off work on Fridays or Mondays creates a long weekend that’s perfect for a quick getaway any time of year.

When is the best time to visit Mackinac Island?

A Mackinac Island visitor rides a bicycle down a paved path through woods bursting with fall color

Remote Work on Mackinac Island

Of course, even if you have weeks of vacation time to use, you still probably have a lot of work to do. If you must work, you can work remotely from Mackinac Island. And when you need to de-stress from the workday, what better place than Mackinac Island where you can fill your soul with stunning waterfront views and soothe your spirit with the island’s relaxed vibe?

You can even bring the kids along for a family field trip to Mackinac Island that supplements what they’re learning in school. Maybe you could even escape for the whole week. And don’t forget phys ed: When the schoolwork is done, the whole family can get out and play in the vast expanse of Mackinac Island State Park!

Remote work on Mackinac Island: Where to set up shop


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