Create A Romantic Mackinac Island Getaway

It’s time for date night. One that lasts into tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that!

How about booking a romantic getaway to Mackinac Island?

Maybe it’s the scenic beauty or the charming character or the quaint ambiance. But whatever it is, there’s something special about Mackinac Island that makes it the perfect escape for couples.

Mackinac Island is one of the most idyllic places in the world to relax and reconnect. Just being on the island can get you in the mood for love, and some places are especially romantic:

The Most Romantic Spots on Mackinac Island

A couple embraces each other at Mackinac Island’s Sunset Rock with the Mackinac Bridge in the distance

Mackinac Island’s Sunset Rock

There are many places to watch the sunset on Mackinac Island, but there’s a reason this place is called Sunset Rock. Located on the west end near the Inn at Stonecliffe, Sunset Rock is one of the better-kept secrets of Mackinac Island. The breathtaking view captures the Mackinac Bridge, Lake Huron and the Upper Peninsula, making Sunset Rock one spectacular stop.

A couple in a tandem kayak paddle in the water around Mackinac Island at sunrise as the light casts a reddish glow

Kayak Tour at sunrise on Mackinac Island

If you enjoy the view from Sunset Rock, the next step is to watch the sun greet the day from the water on a sunrise paddle off Mackinac Island with Great Turtle Kayak tours. There is something romantic about starting the day on the water as you wait for the sun to kiss Mackinac Island “good morning.” Plus, it gives you an excuse to catch a nap together in the afternoon.

A couple rides bikes on a Mackinac Island road near the boardwalk with water, trees and blue sky in the background

Picnic lunch on bike ride around Mackinac Island

One of the most memorable moments of a getaway might just be to take a bike ride until the spirit moves you to stop and have a Mackinac Island picnic. Imagine a spread complete with wine, cheese, some artisanal treats, and of course, that special someone. You can almost hear the waves lapping at the shore as you relax and take in the view. Additionally, there’s always Cannonball Oasis you can stop at for your food, located at British Landing.

A horse-drawn carriage takes two couples on a tour of Mackinac Island

The Woods restaurant for dinner on Mackinac Island

The “clip-clop” of horses on Mackinac Island is one of the main cues that life is slowing down for you. The island’s equine transportation can take you anywhere, and one of the more unique stops is a romantic ride deep into the island for dinner at The Woods. Inspired by the feel of a Swiss hunting lodge, Woods has hunting trophies adorning the walls of its expansive lobby and features America’s oldest operational Duck Pin Bowling Alley. Once you are seated, the experience gets even better, from the presentation of the dishes to the seamless way in which you feel welcome and special at the same time. The Woods offers a dining experience with service next to none and food that satisfies the palate with every course.

A stylist sits at a desk in the entry to Astor's Spa & Salon at Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel

A Mackinac Island spa

If you’re the type of person who likes to capitalize the “R” in relax, then how about kicking off your romantic vacation by visiting a Mackinac Island spa? Both Grand Hotel and Mission Point Resort have on-site spas. Or, Mackinac Wellness will bring spa services right to your hotel.

Stars light up the night sky above Mackinac Island's downtown

One of the super stargazing spots on Mackinac Island

On a clear night, one of the more uniquely romantic things to do involves simply looking up and seeing the wonders of Mackinac Island stargazing. Just as they do at sunrise and sunset, the skies around the island offer breathtaking light shows at night. Fort Holmes is the highest point on Mackinac Island and gives you a chance to stargaze in a way that isn’t possible in places with more people and lights to spoil the view.

People dine under umbrellas out on the waterfront patio at Iroquois Hotel's Carriage House restaurant on a sunny day on Mackinac Island

Carriage House for lunch on Mackinac Island

There are plenty of fantastic places to dine on Mackinac Island, but there is something about the walk out to the view at the Carriage House that sets the mood. Directly overlooking the Straits of Mackinac, the Carriage House dining room at the Hotel Iroquois is the epitome of romantic dining. With a menu of fine American classic cuisine and a brilliant selection of local seafood, the Carriage House creates magic for your mouth. There are also outdoor seating options and a live piano player every night to help set the mood. Reservations here are a must as this is a stop on anyone’s list who wants enjoy a special meal with an amazing view.



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