Is proof of COVID-19 vaccine required to visit Mackinac Island?

In a word, no. While some employers and entertainment destinations around the country may be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination as the pandemic continues with spread of the omicron variant, that is not the case for visitors to Mackinac Island. At least, not right now.

Mackinac Island visitors are not required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at this time. However, prevention measures remain fluid and the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau and our members remain committed to observing all the pandemic safety protocols recommended or required by local, state and federal health authorities.

To help maintain a safe environment on Mackinac Island for travelers, workers and residents, please continue to follow these guidelines during your visit:

  • Please wash your hands frequently
  • Please maintain safe distance between yourself and others as much as possible
  • Please wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose while in congested public areas
  • Please avoid touching surfaces whenever possible
  • If you have COVID or are showing symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with COVID or showing symptoms, please do not travel to Mackinac Island

See the latest COVID-19 health and safety protocols on Mackinac Island

While proof of vaccination is not required to visit Mackinac Island at this time, you may find specific COVID-19 health and safety protocols in effect during parts of your trip. For example, if air travel is part of your trip to Mackinac Island, you may find that the Federal Aviation Authority requires face masks while on board planes and in airports. Face coverings also may be a U.S. Coast Guard requirement on ferry boats that many visitors take from the mainland to Mackinac Island and back.

Some Mackinac Island shops may ask visitors to wear facemasks while in the store to stem the spread of COVID-19.While on Mackinac Island, face masks may be required in certain areas at certain attractions based on state and federal guidelines. You also may find that some individual stores and restaurants on Mackinac Island ask guests to wear face masks while visiting.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, so will health and safety measures on Mackinac Island. Be sure to check out Mackinac Island’s latest COVID-19 updates in advance of your trip to see the current protocols, including the status of any vaccination requirements.

Any pandemic-related changes to Mackinac Island events or other activities will be detailed in the latest Season Update from Mackinac Island.

Whether you have received the COVID-19 vaccine or not, we welcome you to Mackinac Island at this time and ask that you do your part while here to make this beautiful place as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy.

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