Fall on Mackinac Island is the ‘Perfect Season’

Low season, shoulder season, value season. There are lots of terms that could describe fall on Mackinac Island. But when you visit Mackinac Island in the fall, you just might come to love fall as the “perfect season.”

For one, the visitor experience is phenomenal: Fall weather on Mackinac Island is delightful. Fall colors on Mackinac Island are gorgeous. Plus, the crowds are smaller and yet the attractions are just as magical.

In addition to all that, fall is a great time to save money on Mackinac Island. As the shops prepare for the close of the visitor season at the end of October, they start offering deals and discounts on remaining inventory. Mackinac Island places to stay also offer special packages in the fall, enabling you to enjoy the beauty and charm of the No. 1 Best Island in the Continental U.S. for less.

Check out the latest Mackinac Island specials.

Fall is Value Season on Mackinac Island

Fall Things To Do On Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is the USA’s Best Summer Travel Destination. Yet, some visitors like fall even better. Come fall, Mackinac Island takes on a different vibe. It’s quieter. Less crowded. Even more relaxed. You can feel the calm in the air.

And the colors. Oh, the colors! The entire island is completely transformed in October with streaks of red, yellow and gold set against the crisp, beautiful blue waters of the Straits of Mackinac.

“It’s just a perfect time to come, especially for couples,” said Lydia Yoder, who owns the 130-year-old Bay View of Mackinac with her husband, Doug. “Coming to Mackinac Island in the fall is one of those things you want to put on your bucket list, if you really want a relaxing, romantic time just to get away. Our guests enjoy so much just lounging on the veranda and being able to do absolutely nothing, if they want to.”

Of course, if you like to mix a little action with your relaxing, then there’s still plenty to do on Mackinac Island in the fall.

Outside View of Bay View of Mackinac During Value Season on the Island

Fall Specials on Mackinac Island

Many of the unique places to stay on Mackinac Island offer deals in fall before the visitor season comes to a close at the end of October. Plus, Mackinac Island’s cute boutique shops tend to markdown remaining inventory as the end of the season nears.

“Fall is probably one of my favorite times of year because the shops are offering wonderful discounts,” Yoder said. “I actually like to do my Christmas shopping during that time.”

Come to Mackinac Island and see for yourself what makes value season the “perfect season!”


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