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National Hammock Day: Best places to sneak away on Mackinac

So, there’s actually such a thing as National Hammock Day. And it turns out that Mackinac Island is a great place to celebrate it.

Not only is Mackinac the country’s hottest summer vacation destination, per TripAdvisor. But the island also is one of hammock maker ENO’s must-visit adventure spots.

Of course, you can’t just hang a hammock across Mackinac’s Main Street, where a horse-drawn carriage might clip-clop right through it. (Motorized vehicles are banned on the island!) But hammocking is allowed pretty much everywhere in Mackinac Island State Park, which takes up more than 80 percent of the island. A reminder though, overnight hammocking is not allowed on Mackinac Island.

The only places in the state park where hammocking is prohibited is near the “Somewhere in Time” Gazebo (which was featured in the iconic 1980 film starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour), Anne’s Tablet near Fort Mackinac and any paid sites like the fort.

Hammocks are not allowed to block paths or popular tourist areas, but there are countless places on Mackinac to laze away the day hanging between two trees. Here are just a few of the island’s blissful hammocking spots:

  • At the peak of summer, downtown Mackinac is bustling with people and activity. Yet, with more than 80 percent of Mackinac in a state park, most of the island remains virtually empty. You can take a break from the action, sneak away into the island’s interior on more than 70 miles of trails, and find a private slice of hammocking paradise that’s all your own.
  • M-185 is the only state highway in America that prohibits automobiles, so you’ll see lots of bicycles instead. And even though it’s only a 60- to 90-minute ride all the way around the island, it’s common for cyclists to stop along the way, park their bikes on the side of the road and hang a hammock between two trees. The waterfront view is breathtaking, and the sound of waves will lull you into a peaceful sleep.
  • Ever hammocked at the site of a major military landing? Next to an airport with planes landing? Overhanging a cliff some 100 feet above Lake Huron? You can do all that on Mackinac Island. You can do it on National Hammock Day in July, or all season long. See when you can make it to Mackinac to relax for a night or two.
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