Outdoor dining on Mackinac Island

With a diverse assortment of restaurants, Mackinac Island offers an extraordinary food and wine scene to visitors. And the scenery around the Crown Jewel of the Great Lakes is pretty incredible, too.

Together, the delicious flavors and spectacular sights of Mackinac Island make a perfect pairing – especially where you can find a table for al fresco outdoor dining.

Mackinac Island just happens to be home to one of America’s 10 Best Restaurants for Outdoor Dining, the iconic Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel. Many other Mackinac Island restaurants could just as easily be included on that list, too.

In fact, you can find dozens of restaurants on Mackinac Island with outdoor dining where fresh air is served up right alongside delicious dishes and delectable desserts. See the full list below.

But first, to whet your appetite, let’s take a look at just a few of Mackinac Island’s outdoor dining options.

A couple clinks drink glasses while dining outside on the patio at Mackinac Island's Mission Point Resort

Dining al fresco on Mackinac Island


Patio views of vibrant blue water and a ferry boat at Mary's Bistro Draught House on Mackinac Island


Customers wait in line outside Cannonball Oasis on Mackinac Island at British Landing

  • Deep fried pickles from Cannonball Oasis on the north end of Mackinac Island at British Landing


Mackinac Island offers a variety of outdoor dining from waterfront cafes to patios high on the bluff overlooking the harbor.


Mackinac Island's Ice House BBQ offers a gorgeous setting for outdoor dining


  • Hot dogs and chips at The Doghouse for a picnic on Windermere Point

Mackinac Island offers a variety of outdoor dining options with unique settings, from waterfront cafes to garden patios.

  • The famous Grand Pecan Ball at The Jockey Club, overlooking the first tee at The Jewel Golf Course


A family of four enjoys a picnic in Mackinac Island's Marquette Park at the foot of Fort Mackinac on a sunny day

Picnic options on Mackinac Island

Of course, aside from all the great outdoor dining options at restaurants, Mackinac Island just happens to be home to the best picnic spot in all of Michigan. Take-out is available at many restaurants for you to enjoy a meal in Marquette Park, or up at Fort Holmes on the highest point of Mackinac Island. You could also make your own meal with grab-and-go sandwiches and deli items from Doud’s Market, America’s oldest grocery store.

Whether you visit in the spring or fall when crowds are smaller, or in the summer when Mackinac Island has some of the country’s best weather, you’ll find plenty of options for outdoor dining – each with great food and drinks, unique settings and priceless views in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

A waiter pours wine into the glasses of diners enjoying a beautiful sunny day on a Mackinac Island waterfront patio

Restaurants on Mackinac Island with Outdoor Seating

Chart with a list of places to dine or get a drink on Mackinac Island



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