People of Mackinac Island: DJ Brevin

The venues are exceedingly gorgeous. The photo ops exceptionally stunning. The food exquisitely prepared.

Mackinac Island weddings are special in so many ways. Yet, in some ways, they’re just like weddings everywhere else. Take the musical entertainment, for example. Like the typical wedding, receptions on Mackinac Island often feature classic songs earlier in the night that are enjoyable for guests of all ages. Then later, as some of the oldest and youngest members of the crowd retire for the night, the party progresses into more a club vibe. Just like the wedding receptions in your hometown.

But that doesn’t mean any wedding vendor can do a good job with a Mackinac Island wedding. Whether you’re looking to hire a DJ – or a Wedding DJ Brevin Cawthorne in Suit on Mackinac Islandphotographer, florist, cakemaker, or clergyman – working with preferred vendors who are experienced with the unique logistics of Mackinac Island weddings can make a big difference on your special day.

“The more you can deal with people that know the ins and outs of Mackinac Island weddings, the easier it’s going to be on you,” says “DJ Brevin” Cawthorne, owner of A-List Event Group, which deejays about 300 weddings and other events on Mackinac Island each year. “It just makes for a much more stress-free experience for you and your guests.”

Cawthorne spent his childhood summers on Mackinac Island. About 20 years ago, he started DJ’ing events at bars and restaurants on the island. Then, he added wedding entertainment to his services.

It didn’t take Cawthorne long to understand the unique logistics of weddings on Mackinac Island. Because no cars are allowed on the island, it can be a challenge getting audio, video, and lighting equipment to the outdoor ceremony, then from the outdoor ceremony indoors to the reception.

“In the old days, I had a bike and a cart, and we were hauling around speakers and turntables one load at a time,” he said. “After three or four years of that, I said ‘We’re going to bite the bullet and invest in multiple systems.’”

Now, A-List Event Group stores equipment at a half-dozen of Mackinac Island’s leading wedding venues. Cawthorne has equipment at Stonecliffe, which offers a beautiful, secluded outdoor setting on the west side of the Mackinac Island with a view of the Mackinac Bridge. He has equipment at Mission Point, which offers several unique wedding venues with indoor/outdoor capability, and Grand Hotel, which offers the opportunity for a cocktail hour on the world’s largest porch. He has equipment at Island House, Mackinac Island’s most historic hotel where he Wedding DJ with Microphone in Front of Laptop on Mackinac Islandmarried his bride, Maria, on the front lawn in September 2019.

Northern Lights Entertainment also offers DJ and wedding services on Mackinac Island. The companies handle everything from songs for the bridal party procession during the ceremony to dinner music, and from bridal party announcements at the reception to DJ’ing the party portion of the night.

“It’s a destination wedding on Mackinac Island, so people are more likely to let their hair down and party a little harder,” he says.

Hundreds of weddings take place each year on Mackinac Island. DJ Brevin and dozens of other Mackinac Island wedding vendors are ready to make your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

Then, when you come back to Mackinac Island for future anniversaries, you can say hello to the vendors who helped make your wedding an amazing experience.

“There are times when I’ll be out grabbing a drink or having dinner, and someone will recognize me,” Cawthorne says. “A lot of couples who get married on Mackinac Island do come back, so you do get to see them again and keep those relationships.”

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