Mackinac Island for couples: 11 super cute photos you can recreate

Where do you picture your relationship in the future? Here’s an image: The two of you having a blast on Mackinac Island!

The Crown Jewel of the Great Lakes is Travel + Leisure’s No. 1 Best Island in the Continental U.S. and USA Today’s Best Summer Travel Destination. And guess what? The entire island is yours to explore…together.

Catch a glimpse of all you can do on a romantic Mackinac Island getaway. Then recreate these photos when the two of you come for a visit:

Couple Posing by Arch Rock for Selfie on Mackinac Island

Arch Rock selfie on Mackinac Island

Arch Rock is Mackinac Island’s iconic limestone formation and it’s picture perfect. You can get here and to many other Mackinac Island landmarks by going on a narrated horse-drawn carriage tour of Mackinac Island. That’s the island’s most popular thing to do and, oh by the way, there’s something special about cuddling up and being serenaded by the clippity-clop of horse hooves!

Couple Holding Hands and Riding Bikes on Mackinac Island

Bike ride around Mackinac Island

Since Mackinac Island is car free, everything moves at a slower pace. It’s a lot safer to take your eyes off the road and gaze into each other’s souls at 6 miles per hour than at 60 miles per hour! And holding hands while you pedal is a nice touch!

Couple Riding on Rented Tandem Bike on Mackinac Island

Tandem bike ride on Mackinac Island

If you prefer, Mackinac Island is full of bicycles built for two. Take your own bikes to the island on the ferry boat or rent a tandem bike when you arrive. A popular and incredibly scenic route is M-185 all the way around the island’s outer rim. It’s 8.2 miles of alone time on the only state highway in the country that prohibits automobiles.

Couple Posing For Photo on Rock in Waters Surrounding Mackinac Island

Go to the beach on Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Island waterfront features an endless supply of scenes like this one. Have fun exploring Mackinac Island’s rocky beaches and find a shot that’s completely unique, and totally you.

Couple Kissing While Paddling Side-by-Side in Kayaks in Waters Around Mackinac Island

Get out on the water around Mackinac Island

Kayak in the shadow of the mighty Mackinac Bridge. Or try a stand-up paddleboard. Whatever floats your boat. You can hit the water on your own, or take a guided Mackinac Island paddling tour and see the best of everything from the water.

Couple Toasting with Cups of Coffee from Lucky Bean Coffee Shop in Front of Horse-Drawn Carriage on Mackinac Island

Enjoy a relaxing morning on Mackinac Island

Take a break from the rat race. Have a seat, take a sip, exhale and relax. Soak up the charming atmosphere of Mackinac Island. Just the two of you. (And some horses.)

Couple Embracing for Photo in Front of Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Get all dressed up on Mackinac Island

Enjoy a fancy dinner on Mackinac Island. Just as there are no chain hotels among Mackinac Island’s many historic places to stay, there are no chain restaurants either. Every place to eat is unique and memorable – just like your relationship.

Pair of Engagement Rings Lying Together on Grass Off of Hiking Path on Mackinac Island

Get engaged on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a beautiful place for marriage proposals – from the scenic Sunset Rock to the back of a horse-drawn carriage to the highest point on Mackinac Island at Fort Holmes.

Couple Preparing to Reaffirm Their Marriage Vows Posing for Photo in Front of Shore on Mackinac Island

Get married on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is also a really beautiful place for weddings and vow reaffirmations – from the beaches of Windermere Point and British Landing to the gazebos of Mission Point Resort to the gardens of Grand Hotel.

Recently Married Couple Riding in Horse-Drawn Carriage on Mackinac Island

Pretend you’re getting married just to enjoy the Mackinac Island carriage ride

Even if you’re not thinking marriage, you can still treat yourself to a fairy tale carriage ride!

Couple Holding Each Other Next to Shore During Sunset on Mackinac Island

Watch the Mackinac Island sunset

At the end of a blissful day on Mackinac Island, watch the glorious sunset and welcome the Mackinac Island nightlife.

Empty Pair of Adirondack Chairs on Beach on Mackinac Island

All these amazing Mackinac Island photo ops are waiting. The only thing missing is you! What are you waiting for? Come enjoy a romantic and picturesque Mackinac Island getaway for two!



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