Churches on Mackinac Island

A birchbark chapel in Marquette Park commemorates the work of French missionaries who came to Mackinac Island in the 17th century, while a handful of surviving church buildings give testimony to the fruits of their labors. Mackinac Island is the site of the oldest church building in Michigan and it is home to a congregation with records dating back to 1695! For 350 years and counting, churches have been an integral part of life on Mackinac Island – both for worship and as memorable wedding venues.

Little Stone Church

Little Stone Church, a Congregational Church located on Mackinac Island, Michigan, welcomes both residents and visitors to Sunday worship services. Although it is known as Little Stone Church, the official…

Mackinac Island Bible Church

SEASON SCHEDULE (May-October) Sunday Worship 9:30am @ historic Mission Point Resort Theater (6633 Main St) Sunday "Crossroads" 8:00pm @ MIBC Office (6688 Main St) Wednesday "House of Prayer" 8:00pm @…

Mission Church

Located on Main Street in the eastern end of Mackinac Island’s historic downtown, Mission Church is Michigan’s oldest surviving church building. It is also the earliest surviving example of a…

Sainte Anne’s Catholic Church

A museum that highlights the religious history of the Island goes back to the late 1600’s when the Island and America was in their infancy. It reflects upon the dedicated…

Trinity Episcopal Church

Located at the lower entrance of Fort Mackinac, Trinity Episcopal Church was constructed in 1882. Its furnishings include an altar of hand-carved walnut and two chancel chairs made by soldiers at…

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