No cars? No problem. You will find over 1,500 bikes to rent on Mackinac Island including Fat Tire Bikes. You will also find electric scooters, burleys for the kids, tandems for the romantics and wheelchairs for rent. Walking Tours are a blast and we offer a nice variety for you to enjoy. Mackinac Island Taxi is also at your service by calling 906-847-3323.


Mackinac Island Bicycle Safety Rules

For your bicycle safety, please read and follow these simple rules:

  1. WATCH FOR HORSES – Please be prepared for very busy streets in the downtown area on Mackinac Island with the many bikers, pedestrians and horses. Please be especially cautious of horses at all times as it is difficult for them to stop quickly.
  2. NO TRAINING WHEELS – No person shall operate, or allow to be operated, a bicycle with training wheels on Main Street., Market Street or Cadotte Avenue (between Market Street and Grand Hotel).
  3. WALK ON SIDEWALKS – Pedestrians need to walk on the sidewalk for their own safety. Please look before stopping in the street, turning or crossing streets at all times.
  4. STAY TO THE RIGHT – Please stay to the right side of the street and keep bikes within the white line when parking on the street.
  5. BIKE PARKING – Please do not park bicycles on sidewalks or lock them to fixed objects. Burleys, tandem or bikes without kickstands must use off street parking.

Please look for this street sign for off street parking locations.

EBike Policy

Electric bicycles are banned on Mackinac Island per City Ordinance and State Law.

For persons with a “mobility disability,” ebikes may be used on the Island per the Federal (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act.

Officers can ask if you have a “mobility disability,” and can ask for “credible assurance” (proof) of that disability.  Examples of credible assurance may be: a State issued parking placard, or a handicap card.  In lieu of such items, an official will accept a verbal claim of the disability, so long as the officer does not see anything to contradict the claim.

Ebikes must be operated in a safe manner.  Careless/Reckless operation will be enforced as with any bicycle per City Ordinance.  Those who violate the Ordinance may receive a citation, and possible confiscation of their ebike.

Mackinac Island Lodging & Accommodations

With over 1,600 unique lodging rooms, our Island is full of one of kind, family owned and award winning properties. The Island’s highly trained and courteous professionals want to make sure your stay is as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Visitor's Guide

See all that the Island offers by viewing or downloading the Visitor's Guide yourself!

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