How to book a group tour to Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a very popular group tour destinationInfographic showing various ways of traveling to Mackinac Island for groups from around the world. And, no wonder:

With distinctive car-free charm, gorgeous views, fascinating history and so many unique things to do, Mackinac Island is the highlight of many group tour itineraries.

Thinking about adding a visit to Mackinac Island to your upcoming calendar of trips?

Here’s how to get started booking a group tour to Mackinac Island:



  • The Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau will even send out a Request for Proposals to partners on the island so you can get specific package pricing for the dates that your group plans to visit.


  • Follow up with places to stay and attractions as you fine-tune and finalize your itinerary, then book your group tour to Mackinac Island!



Download Mackinac Island’s Group Tour Guide

What’s so special about Mackinac Island?

5 things to do the first time you visit Mackinac Island

How much does it cost to go to Mackinac Island?

Infographic showing drive times to Mackinac Island from cities around Midwest and Eastern United States

A man stands with a penny farthing bicycle on the street on Michigan's Mackinac Island

Why travelers love group tours to Mackinac Island

Travelers love group tours to Mackinac Island because they have a professional coordinating all the details of their trip and taking care of everything – from transportation and lodging to dining and things to do. That way, they can just focus on enjoying the incredible beauty and charm of Mackinac Island.

Tour operators love Mackinac Island because the No. 1 Best Island in the Continental U.S. is a great selling point for customers. And with a variety of unique places to stay offering a range of service levels, there’s a price point on Mackinac Island for many different budgets – from group tours that emphasize value to upscale trips that spare no expense.

Mackinac Island also makes a fine destination for group tours because it offers a distinctive experience in spring, summer and fall. While peak season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day when Mackinac Island offers perfect summer weather, spring gives visitors a chance to experience Mackinac Island awakening from its winter slumber before the crowds arrive. Autumn, on the other hand, brings spectacular fall colors to Mackinac Island and, of course, Mackinac Island’s iconic Halloween Weekend.

When is the best time to visit Mackinac Island?

Lights from The Chippewa Hotel on Mackinac Island reflect on the water in the harbor at night

Who joins group tours to Mackinac Island?

Although many group tours involve mostly retirees with time and money on their hands, Mackinac Island is well-suited to entertain visitors of all ages. Horse-drawn carriage tours of Mackinac Island, historic Fort Mackinac and world-famous Mackinac Island fudge are big attractions, for sure. There’s also incredible outdoor recreation opportunities in Mackinac Island State Park, from riding a bike all the way around Mackinac Island to kayaking the Great Lakes around Mackinac Island. Ditto for Mackinac Island’s nightlife.

Group tour operators will find that people from a variety of ages will enjoy Mackinac Island in different ways while on the same trip.

Contact the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau to start building an attractive group tour around a visit to Mackinac Island.

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