Welcome to Voices of Mackinac Island, the official podcast of America’s Favorite Freshwater Destination! Each episode gives you a behind-the-scenes experience of one of Mackinac Island’s many distinctive features.

You’ll get the inside story on Mackinac Island from the people who live and breathe this place, from historical interpreters at Fort Mackinac to the fudge families that are multi-generational masters of the marble slab.

Have a listen to the sweet sounds of Mackinac Island!

More on Mackinac Island places to stay

You won’t find any chain hotels on Mackinac Island. Each unique place to stay is a one-of-a-kind, family-owned gem. Mackinac Island’s delightful collection of full-service resorts, hotels, B&Bs, condominiums, cottages and homes offer both modern amenities and historic charm, along with hosts who have generations of local knowledge to share.

More on Mackinac Island shopping

From charming boutiques to intriguing art galleries, each and every shop on Mackinac Island is a unique shopping destination with items you just can’t get anywhere else. And if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, Mackinac Island’s knowledgeable shopkeepers will give you just the help you need to find something perfect.

More on Mackinac Island fudge

Many people know Mackinac Island first and foremost by world-famous Mackinac Island fudge. And no wonder, downtown shops makes 10,000 pounds of fudge per day at the height of the tourism season. You can enjoy delicious free samples in a wide variety of flavors and watch the masters of the marble slab ply their trade as they have for over a century.

More on Mackinac Island horses

As a place that has been car-free forever, Mackinac Island runs on actual horsepower – or pedal power. In addition to bicycles, horse-drawn carriage rides are the primary form of transportation on the Island. Riding horseback up into the interior of the Island – either on your own or on a guided tour – is also one of the most scenic ways to take in Mackinac Island’s natural beauty

More on biking on Mackinac Island

One of the most popular activities on Mackinac Island is to ride a bike all the way around the outer rim of the Island. It’s 8.2 miles of leisurely pedaling with the stunning beauty of the water on your side the entire way. There also are more than 70 miles of trails through the middle of Mackinac Island, with something new to see around every corner.

More on Fort Mackinac

Originally built by the French at the tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Fort Mackinac was relocated to the high bluffs of Mackinac Island in 1780 by the British. It remained in operation until closing in 1895, but thanks to Mackinac State Historic Parks it has been restored to its 19th-century glory and is open for tours and demonstrations from May through October.

More on ferries to Mackinac Island

While some people charter a plane into Mackinac Island’s airport and others arrive on their own boat, the vast majority of visitors come to Mackinac Island on a ferry from the mainland. You can bring your own bikes with you, or even your own pet. Both Shepler’s and Mackinac Island Ferry offer daily ferry service to Mackinac Island from late April through the end of October.

More on living on Mackinac Island

More than 1 million people visit Mackinac Island during the prime tourism season from spring through fall. But the Island doesn’t close for winter. About 500 people live year-round on Mackinac Island. They go to school. Go to church. Go out to eat. And because cars aren’t allowed on the Island, they get around on snowmobiles. Feel free to visit this winter to experience life on Mackinac Island as the locals do!

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