Make Mackinac Your Business Retreat Destination

Mackinac Island serves as a summer vacation spot for many people – but have you ever considered it as a business retreat destination?

Everyone’s favorite Island getaway is also capable of hosting a company’s business retreat. Choosing a destination for a business retreat can be a difficult task: it sets the scene for the entire retreat and can make or break it. Mackinac Island “checks the boxes” on several requirements for an optimal business retreat.

First consider the logistics of everyone getting around. As an Island lacking motor vehicles, walkability is strong. No worries about employees squeezing into an Uber or figuring how to get to everywhere. Transportation logistics are easier when you’re on an Island made for horses, bikes, and walking.

Attractions are also a major aspect of a successful business retreat. Sure, there’s work to be done but we don’t imagine everyone will remain huddled in a conference room the entire time. The fact the Island is car-less also comes into play in this regard: biking is a great way to unwind and explore when it’s time to get out of the meetings. Or you can even incorporate biking into being part of your retreat. Make a team-building event out of it!

Accommodations are obviously also key. Mackinac Island features an array of options. You’re bound to find a nice block of rooms suitable to what you need and want. Furthermore, the Island boasts more than 100,000 square feet of meeting rooms, so there is the space to conduct your professional gatherings – and while Mackinac Island is known for its timeless, unplugged atmosphere, these are incredible high-tech facilities.

But perhaps best of all? We’re here to help you! The Island’s professionally trained staff delivers the hospitality to make planning your retreat easy and they’ll ensure everything runs smoothly when it occurs. Let Mackinac Island help ignite your business and boost productivity. You can get started by calling 800-454-5227.

Learn more about planning business retreats and conventions on Mackinac Island at

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