Mackinac Island Wedding Saved from the Fire

A Mackinac Island fire disrupted the wedding of Jake and Elizabeth Landuyt
Photo by Cody Langhorne

Jake and Elizabeth Landuyt never expected to have their first dance at Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort. They didn’t imagine that their guests would enjoy food prepared by the Mackinac Island Yacht Club, cooked at the Island House Hotel and served on dishes from the Pink Pony.

But when smoke from a nearby fire disrupted the newlyweds’ reception, the people of Mackinac Island came together to make sure the memorable day had a picture-perfect ending.

It’s a good thing Mackinac Island has so many places so skilled at hosting weddings and so committed to exceptional customer service!

You may already have seen the story on the national news, but here are the highlights:

  • Jake and Elizabeth got married on Memorial Day weekend in a beautiful ceremony at the historic Ste. Anne’s Church on Mackinac Island. Then, just as Elizabeth’s father was giving a speech during the reception in the gardens behind the Mackinac Island Yacht Club, flames burst out from a neighboring cottage.


  • Smoke filled the air, the fire department arrived and the yacht club was evacuated as a safety precaution. As the couple retreated back to the church to contemplate what might happen next, the wedding professionals of Mackinac Island swung into action.


  • Within an hour, the entire wedding reception had been moved by bike and horse-drawn carriage down the street to Mission Point Resort where the CEO served food and a bellhop became the bartender. When the best man went to the church to tell the bride and groom that their wedding reception was ready to resume, the couple was “blown away.”

From historic churches such as Ste. Anne’s and one-of-a-kind spots including the gazebo from “Somewhere in Time” to some of the most picturesque waterfront settings on the planet, Mackinac Island is home to many incredible wedding venues. And it’s also the scene of many treasured wedding traditions including the fairy tale horse-drawn carriage ride and the iconic Main Street kiss! Plus, when it comes to wedding favors for your guests, what could be better than authentic and world-famous Mackinac Island Fudge?

Just as important as all of those amazing wedding amenities is the commitment to high-quality customer service that makes a Mackinac Island wedding…even on the rare occasion when things don’t go according to plan.

Jake and Elizabeth know that first-hand. They experienced it all, from a wonderful rehearsal dinner at the Pink Pony to a gorgeous sunset boat cruise under the Mackinac Bridge to a glorious Mackinac Island wedding day carriage ride. Then, of course, the unforgettable reception that only Mackinac Island could save.

While Jake and Elizabeth wouldn’t recommend a reception interrupted by fire, their wedding on Mackinac Island turned out better than they could have ever imagined. It was a day they’ll remember and cherish forever.

Start planning your own memorable wedding on Mackinac Island. Whichever of the many ideal wedding and reception venues you choose, the most important thing is to choose Mackinac Island, where the whole place stands ready to make your special day a truly special experience – no matter the circumstances.

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