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A group of women and girls show off the paintings they made in an art class at Watercolor Café on Mackinac Island

Art galleries of Mackinac Island

A place as beautiful as Mackinac Island naturally inspires the creative spirit. So, it’s no wonder that art galleries can be found throughout downtown Mackinac Island and beyond. One of the joys of visiting Mackinac Island is browsing these galleries and seeing the breathtaking sights through the eyes of artists whose works are for sale …

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Mackinac Island scenic aerial tours showcase the natural beauty of the Mackinac region including the mighty Mackinac Bridge.

Can I fly to Mackinac Island?

Yes, you can fly to Mackinac Island! In fact, in the depths of winter when ice clogs the Straits of Mackinac, flying sometimes is the only way to get to Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island Airport has a 3,500-foot, paved runway capable of handling propeller planes and small jets throughout the year. For the most part, …

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Where is Mackinac Island?

Alright, let’s answer this question the old-fashioned Michigan way. Hold up your left hand, palm facing out, and stick out your thumb. There, you’ve created a quick and easy map of the Mitten State. Now, look at the tip of your middle finger. That’s where Mackinac Island is – at the tip of the mitt, …

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A group of costumed interpreters fires rifles at Mackinac Island’s historic Fort Mackinac

Things to do at Mackinac Island’s historic Fort Mackinac

Before there were horse-drawn carriage tours, ferry boats, charming hotels and delicious restaurants, there was Fort Mackinac. The historic stronghold atop the bluffs of Mackinac Island is the reason the surrounding town developed and eventually became one of the world’s most beloved travel destinations. Still today, one of the most popular things for visitors to …

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