10 special days to celebrate on Mackinac Island

Few visitors ring in the New Year on Mackinac Island, given that it comes right in the middle of winter. Yet, it’s the perfect way to recognize the timeless nature of one of the world’s most amazing places. Even as the year changes, Mackinac Island remains the same!

Plus, there’s a turtle drop at midnight!

So, make a point of experiencing New Year’s on Mackinac Island if you’re adventurous enough to travel here in the winter. Alternatively, there are many other special days that are made for celebrating on Mackinac Island.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Walking Outside the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Dates to Plan Your Mackinac Island Trip










Couple Riding Bikes Around Mackinac Island

Best Seasons of the Year to Visit Mackinac Island

Well, Mackinac Island happens to have perfect weather in June. July and August offer breezy relief from the oppressive heat of summer, and both September and October offer a truly special experience of spectacular fall colors.

May is another month to circle on your calendar as the natural beauty of Mackinac Island State Park returns to life after its winter slumber. Or, maybe you want to be on the very first ferry from the mainland when regular service resumes in late April!

The truth is that anytime from late April through the end of October makes for an awesome trip to Mackinac Island. In addition to special days, there also are many special Mackinac Island events and festivals all season long, from road runs and sailboat races to the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival and the iconic Halloween weekend.

And no matter what the calendar says, Mackinac Island will always be synonymous with fudge and forts, horses, bicycles and breathtaking views all around. Come and see for yourself!


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