Dogs of Mackinac Island: Fido’s travel guide (in pictures)

Yes, you can bring your dog to Mackinac Island! Just two things to remember:

  • Keep your dogs on a leash on Mackinac Island
  • Pick up after your dogs on Mackinac Island

Beyond that, have fun exploring one of our national treasurers with your dog by your side.

You won’t be the only one visiting Mackinac Island with a pet. So don’t be the only one out of the loop when it comes to Mackinac Island’s pet-friendly rules.

Here are answers to more questions about dogs on Mackinac Island:


Dog with Owner on Ferry Boat – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Dogs are welcome free of charge on Shepler’s and Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry ferry boats to Mackinac Island. They can either sit in your lap or travel in a crate. Dogs also can come along for free on charter flights to Mackinac Island Airport.


Dog Running with Owners on Bikes on Main Street – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Dogs must be on a leash while on Mackinac Island. They are welcome in many stores in town. Just ask if it’s okay. Many Mackinac Island restaurants have pet seating areas or will let you bring your dog right to the table on their outdoor verandas or patios. Of course, service dogs are permitted inside any restaurant or store on the island. Outdoor dining on Mackinac Island


Dog on Side of Road along water – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

No worries about your dog getting hit by a car. Motor vehicles aren’t allowed on Mackinac Island! The road that circles the outer edge of Mackinac Island, M-185, is the only state highway in the country that prohibits cars. It’s 8.2 miles all the way around Mackinac Island.


Dog in Wagon Attached to Bike – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Because there are no cars, bicycling is a popular way of getting around on Mackinac Island. Many bike shops on the island rent pet trailers, too, so your dog can go along for the ride.


Dog in Bike Basket – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Cuteness alert! Smaller dogs can fit in the bike basket up front and feel the Great Lakes breeze in their face.


Dog in Horse-Drawn Carriage – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Horse-drawn carriage tours of Mackinac Island also are pet-friendly. Small dogs can ride along for free, while larger dogs that need their own seat can get on board for the child’s rate.


Dog Sitting on Rock with Owner – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

More than 80% of Mackinac Island is state park land that’s available for you and your pup to explore. In fact, the island has more than 70 miles of trails that pass by “supernatural” rock formations like the iconic Arch Rock or towering Sugar Loaf.


Dogs on Leashes – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Pets can visit many of the attractions in the Mackinac State Historic Parks including historic Fort Mackinac. Pets on leashes are welcome at all of the historic sites in the state park except The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum. There are even water dishes for pets at those sites.

Dog Playing in Lake – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau


Since Mackinac is an island, there’s water to play in, too!


Dog Beside Some Tulips – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

And so many things to sniff! (Just don’t let your pet get into the world-famous Mackinac Island fudge.)

Dog With Owner on Lounge Chair – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau


A few places to stay on Mackinac Island are pet-friendly. When booking a place to stay, call the island’s tourism bureau at 906-847-3783 to make sure your pet is welcome.


Dog by Shore – Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Come enjoy the splendor of Mackinac Island with your pet. Just please remember to keep dogs on a leash and pick up after them. If you have any other questions about where you can go and what you can do on Mackinac Island with your pets, call the tourism bureau at 906-847-3783.

More Things to Know Before Bringing Your Dog to Mackinac Island

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