Does Mackinac Island Have an Airport? Tips for Flying to Mackinac Island

Does Mackinac Island have an airport?

The short answer, yes. The longer answer: It’s a self-service airport available for regional charter flights or private planes. Major commercial airlines do not land at the Mackinac Island Airport.


  • Call the airport ahead of time to schedule your trip (906-847-3231).
  • Check the weather. The weather can change quickly and flights may be delayed or postponed. If flights aren’t available, taking a ferry to Mackinac Island might be a better option.
  • Call one of Mackinac Island’s horse-drawn taxis ahead of time at 906-847-3323. The Mackinac Island Airport is located approximately 2 miles in the interior of the island. There are no bike rentals at the Mackinac Island Airport so if you don’t have other arrangements, scheduling a taxi for pick-up and drop-off is always a good idea.
  • Visit the Mackinac State Historic Parks website for fees, parking details and more information about flying to the Mackinac Island Airport.


The Mackinac Island Airport is a part of the Mackinac Island State Park Commission and is located Mackinac Island Airport is two miles north of downtown and accessible by horse-drawn taxi.about 2 miles north of downtown in the interior of Mackinac Island. Bike rentals are not available from the Mackinac Island Airport, and it is advised to arrange a horse-drawn taxi by calling 906-847-3323 ahead of time. Bike racks and snowmobile parking are available on-site.

Mackinac Island Airport is a self-service airport for both residents and tourists and there is no fixed-based operator (FBO) or fuel. This 24-hour airport features a 3,500-foot lighted runway. A small terminal is on-site and includes lobby seating, restrooms, internet access and vending machines.

Aircraft parking is available at Mackinac Island Airport and starts at $12.50 for small to mid-size single aircraft and twin-engine aircraft. Landing and overnight fees apply to all aircraft and both monthly and annual permits are available.


Two airlines provide both air charters and air taxis to Mackinac Island. Fresh Air Aviation fliesout of St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula. It’s about a 6-minute flight from St. Ignace to the Mackinac Island Airport and the price for a one-way adult flight around $45 per person. Luggage details, children fares, pet fares and bicycle transportation vary for each airline. Visit their websites for Flier urging people who fly to Mackinac Island to call ahead for a horse-drawn taxi to meet them at the airport.more details.

Fresh Air Aviation as well as North Country Aviation both offer charter flights available for quick and personal transportation.

Commercial airlines do not fly to Mackinac Island. However, here is a blog post about getting to Mackinac Island via a commercial airline. The closest regional airports are Pellston Regional Airport (PLN) and Chippewa County International Airport (CIU). Both airports have shuttles that will provide transportation to the ferry docks, or you can arrange a charter from Fresh Coast Aviation or North Country Aviation to fly you directly to Mackinac Island.


During the summer, the airport is busy with locals and tourists alike. In the winter season, the airport is essential for Mackinac Island residents. When the ferry can’t break through the ice and travel on the Straits of Mackinac, Mackinac Island residents fly on and off the Island. This is also how groceries, restaurant supplies, hardware goods, construction materials, school sports team students, freight and mail make their way to and from Mackinac Island. If you visit during the winter season, flying to Mackinac Island might be your only choice!

Whether you are planning to visit Mackinac Island during our main season or winter, it’s always a unique experience to fly to Mackinac Island. Visit the Mackinac State Historic Parks website or call the Mackinac Island Airport (906-847-3231) directly for more information. Happy flying!

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