Everything You Need to Know About Mackinac Island Taxis: Mackinac Island Taxi FAQ

Needing a taxi when you visit Mackinac Island? Here is a list of everything you need to know, from how to arrange a taxi and how much they cost to where they go. Keep reading for a list of frequently asked questions, or download the printable FAQs here.

How do I get a taxi on Mackinac Island?

Unlike taxis on the mainland, Mackinac Island taxis cannot be “hailed.” They work on a dispatch system and need to be called to be arranged. Call Mackinac Island taxi service at 906-847-3323 and tell them where you are and where you want to go.

You will receive a text when the taxi has been dispatched, and shortly after a taxi carriage will pull up where you told them you need a ride from and shout out their destination.

Do the taxis go all the way around Mackinac Island?

No, there isn’t a carriage that goes all the way around Mackinac Island, this includes taxis.

Can I pay a Mackinac Island taxi to stay with me all day?

No, Mackinac Island taxis go from point A to Point B and cannot be hired to drive you around for a day. If you are interested in touring Mackinac Island, consider a public carriage tour of Mackinac Island or hiring a private carriage tour with Gough Carriages or Mackinac Island Carriage Tours!

Do taxis go everywhere on Mackinac Island?

No, the taxis do not go everywhere on Mackinac Island but they do go many places. It depends on the season and time of day so if you have a destination in mind, call the taxi office and ask how close they can get you to where you’re trying to go.

A horse-drawn taxi transports passengers along the Mackinac Island waterfront as the sun sets.

How much does a Mackinac Island taxi cost?

The cost for a taxi ranges by “zones” but in general it’s between $8.50 – $11.000 per person per way. Children age 5-12 years are half the fare. *There is a 2-person minimum for the taxi

Are dogs allowed on Mackinac Island taxis?

Yes! Small dogs who can sit on your lap or by your feet are free. For larger dogs who take up a spot, you may pay a child’s fare.

Can I pay for a Mackinac Island taxi with a card?

Credit and debit cards are accepted if you mention it when you call to arrange your taxi. Cash is also accepted and tips are appreciated!

How long does the Mackinac Island taxi run?

The taxi runs 24/7 during peak season, generally May-October, and can be reached any time of the day. During the off season, (end of October – beginning of May) you can arrange a taxi between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you need a taxi before or after 9-5, you must call to arrange during office hours.

A horse-drawn taxi takes passengers down Mackinac Island’s Main Street on a sunny summer day.

Are Mackinac Island taxis wheelchair or scooter accessible?

There is one Mackinac Island taxi with a ramp for a wheelchair or scooter. When you call to arrange your taxi, mention you need the accessible carriage.

How will I know when my Mackinac Island taxi arrives?

Wherever you requested to be picked up, a taxi will pull up close to that area and shout out their destination.

I’ve been waiting for my Mackinac Island taxi for a long time and they still aren’t here

The taxis can be very busy during peak season, especially July and August. A taxi could be dispatched and arrive in 5 minutes or 55 minutes, depending on the day. It’s always a good idea to schedule your taxi for a set time or call about 30 minutes before you know you’ll need the taxi. If you still haven’t heard anything, give the taxi office a call to check on the status of your taxi.

What is the difference between a Mackinac Island taxi and a shuttle?

Shuttles go to specific locations and they have their destination on the side of the carriage. For example there is a shuttle for Grand Hotel, a shuttle for Mission Point Resort, and a shuttle for Woods Restaurant. Shuttles are the same fee as a taxi, do not have a 2-passenger minimum, and can be waved down. They frequent the downtown areas and if you see one, you can wave them down to use their services.

A downloadable list of FAQs about horsedrawn taxi service on Mackinac Island

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