Mackinac Island’s Top 9 Things to Do for Couples

Just as Mackinac Island has lots to do for families and outdoor adventurers, for history buffs and guys weekends and getaways with the girls, Mackinac Island is an ideal travel destination for couples, too. (The No. 1 Best Island in the Continental U.S., in fact!)

Full of gorgeous scenery and first-class venues, Mackinac Island is a popular place for unforgettable wedding celebrations with all your friends and family. It also can be a quiet retreat for just the two of you to enjoy a romantic escape.

As you plan your visit, keep in mind these nine ways to enjoy a visit to Mackinac Island with that special someone:

A couple walks hand in hand down the Mackinac Island boardwalk at sunset with the Mackinac Bridge in the background

Sunset walks on Mackinac Island

Sunset Rock near the Inn at Stonecliffe is a bucket-list spot to watch a Mackinac Island sunset. But it’s just one of many scenic places for the two of you to take a sunset stroll during your stay. The boardwalk at the west end of downtown offers incredible views of the Mackinac Bridge in the distance. And if you’re up for a hike, make your way up to Mackinac Island’s historic Fort Holmes for a panoramic view from the highest point on the island.

Horse-drawn carriage tours of Mackinac Island

Public horse-drawn carriage tours of Mackinac Island’s unique sites and history are among the most popular visitor activities, but couples may prefer the intimacy of a private tour with either Mackinac Island Carriage Tours or Gough Livery. Or, leave the driver behind and take the reins of a Drive-It-Yourself Carriage on Mackinac Island. If you’d like to go off road, then saddle up at Cindy’s or Jack’s riding stables for a guided horseback tour of Mackinac Island.

A couple sits on a rocky Mackinac Island beach and has a picnic overlooking the water with flowers in the foreground

A Relaxing Mackinac Island Picnic

From up high at Fort Holmes to right down by the water at Windermere Point, there are many spectacular places to spread out a blanket and have a picnic on Mackinac Island. Just stop at Mackinac Island’s historic Doud’s Market for a wide selection of grab-and-go food and drink, then make your way to one of these 9 ‘absolutely stunning’ places for a picnic on Mackinac Island.

A Visit to the Spa on Mackinac Island

Go ahead and treat each other to a relaxing afternoon of massage and other soothing therapy for your body, mind and soul at one of Mackinac Island’s glorious spas. Sweat it out in a sauna or steam room or freshen up with a facial or nail treatment. You deserve it!

A couple snaps a selfie on a Mackinac Island Sip ‘n Sail Cruise as the boat nears the Mackinac Bridge at sunset

Water excursions on Mackinac Island

For a spectacular sunset out on the water, board a Mackinac Island Sip n’ Sail Cruise that goes all the way under the Mackinac Bridge and back while you enjoy live entertainment and drinks. Or for a quieter sunset, embark on a guided kayak tour around the west side of Mackinac Island with Great Turtle Kayak Tours.

Selfies at ‘Somewhere in Time’ movie sites on Mackinac Island

Relive the heart-stopping romance played out on the silver screen between Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve in “Somewhere in Time,” the cult classic filmed on Mackinac Island. You can sit in the gazebo featured in the movie and find the spot along the shore of the famous “Is it you?” scene. You can even watch the movie at Mission Point Resort’s theater, which appears in the movie. Check the Mackinac Arts Council website for movie times.

A couple stands by a tandem bicycle on Mackinac Island as they watch the sunset over the water

Evening bike ride around Mackinac Island

In addition to taking a sunset stroll down the boardwalk, you can go on a bike ride around Mackinac Island right around sunset and find your own special place to see the show. If you’re really adventurous, you could team up and pedal a tandem bicycle built for two! You can take your own bike to Mackinac Island on the ferry or rent from any of several bike shops in town.

Ballroom dancing at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel

For a supremely elegant night during your trip, visit Mackinac Island’s historic Grand Hotel where both hotel guests and the public can dance to a live orchestra in the ballroom. The hotel has a dress code in the evenings, so get dolled up and put on your dancing shoes! Before sunset, be sure to go up to the Cupola Bar to see the panoramic views of the Straits of Mackinac.

A waiter pours a bottle of champagne for diners on a Mackinac Island restaurant patio with a lighthouse in the background.

Fine dining on Mackinac Island

When it comes to mouthwatering flavors on Mackinac Island, people often think of the world-famous fudge. But there are so many great bars and restaurants on Mackinac Island, too, including fine dining establishments that will make you feel like royalty. Here’s an idea to make the most of Mackinac Island’s foodie scene in a single trip: Have cocktails at one restaurant, dinner at another and dessert at a third!


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