Doud’s Market is a Fourth-Generation Family Business

Dating back to 1884, Doud’s Market has been in existence for 138 years. Current owner, Andrew Doud is a fourth-generation market owner and proudly carries on the family tradition to this day.

Andrew took over the market in 2007 and closed the store for an entire winter to do a complete renovation on the market. The result? A truly impressive market on a small island that stocks fresh produce, fresh meat, pizza, beer, wine, liquor, and snacks. Plus, a substantial deli and bakery as well as specialty foods for local and seasonal workers. You can even find a favorite Doud’s mug or t-shirt in the quaint market!

Doud’s Market on Mackinac Island stocks fresh produce, meat, pizza, beer, wine, liquor, snacks and deli and bakery items.

Andrew has many memories growing up with his grandfather and father owning the market. Andrew would often be found stocking shelves or bagging ice. One of his favorite memories as a child is running into the market and grabbing candy with his buddies when he wasn’t on the clock.

Growing up in a small-town business atmosphere has led Andrew to be an entrepreneur himself. He’s involved in an array of businesses on Mackinac Island and has a deep love for the history of the small community.

Andrew and his wife, Nicole, have three boys, Louis (8), Thomas (7) and John (3). Although young, they already enjoy helping at the store with packaging and recycling cardboard, restocking food and goods, or just running the aisles. Louis and Thomas already have their own timecards to keep track of the hours they have worked. They enjoy saving up money to buy something special for themselves at Great Turtle Toys or The Butterfly House.

The three sons of the fourth-generation owner of Doud’s Market on Mackinac Island shop one of the store aisles.

When they’re not on the clock, the boys love stopping in to grab lunch or a granola bar; the pizza is their favorite! It is amazing to watch the boys learn about their family history, work one-on-one with their father, and get to show them what a hard work ethic entails. You may see the three busy boys in the market this summer working hard or sneaking a snack.

One of the best feelings is watching your children carry on a generational tradition. Not many family businesses have the opportunity to see a fourth-generation business keep growing, and hopefully, continue as a fifth generation in the future.

Graphic showing a timeline of the history of Doud's Market on Mackinac Island

Doud’s Market is open year-round and located on Main Street in downtown Mackinac Island.

Guest blogger Nicole Doud has lived on Mackinac Island since her first summer in 2006. She is married to Andrew Doud, with three boys. They go back and forth between Petoskey and Mackinac Island. 

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