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Seasonal Activities

Mackinac Island Public School is a center of community activity for Mackinac Island’s 500-some year-round residents.

Can you live on Mackinac Island?

Mackinac Island attracts upwards of 1 million visitors per year. Plus, thousands of seasonal employees flock to the northern Michigan vacation destination from spring through fall. But did you know there also are a few hundred people who live on Mackinac Island year-round? Urvana Tracey Morse is one of about 500 full-year residents of Mackinac …

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Snowmobiles are popular winter transportation on Mackinac Island, which gets 94 inches of snow per year on average.

Winter weather on Mackinac Island

In a sense, Mackinac Island closes for the year when the ferry boats stop their regular daily schedule of passenger trips at the end of October. From November into the following April, the 500 or so year-round residents of Mackinac Island are left to themselves to enjoy the offseason. But since more than 80 percent …

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Mackinac Island’s Main Street gets decorated for winter holidays with a Christmas tree right in the middle of the road.

Mackinac Island in the Offseason

A summer day on Mackinac Island is something from a dream. Rich history, horses hauling people and goods, natural features, endless trails and, of course, fudge. But when the tourism season ends and the cold settles in, Mackinac Island becomes a different place. With 500 year-round residents, winter on Mackinac Island is quiet compared to …

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