5 More Things to Do for Kids on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Mackinac Island for couples is romantic. Mackinac Island for outdoor enthusiasts is paradise. For your next Girls Weekend, Mackinac Island is the perfect place. And Mackinac Island is ideal for a Guys Weekend, too.

But Mackinac Island isn’t just a playground for grown-ups. Kids of all ages enjoy visiting one of the world’s most extraordinary places.

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers, tweens or teens, Mackinac Island is an incredible vacation spot for families. It even works to bring the grandparents along to Mackinac Island!

There are a handful of must-do activities with kids when visiting Mackinac Island. And that’s just the start of all the family fun you can have.

Here’s a look at five more of the many things to do with kids on Mackinac Island, with price range of the activities in parentheses, from least expensive ($) to most expensive ($$$):

A Mackinac Island Carriage Tours guide narrates a tour being led by two horses

Take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour of Mackinac Island

Nothing gets you in tune with the pace of life on Mackinac Island quite like a horse-drawn ride with Mackinac Island Carriage Tours ($$). Kids of all ages can appreciate the sights and sounds as you clip-clop through downtown and Mackinac Island State Park. Plus, kids ages 5-12 get a discount and those age 4 and under are free!

A narrated horse-drawn carriage tour is the best way to get an overview of everything Mackinac, from the bustling downtown right off the ferry docks and Mackinac Island’s distinctive history to the iconic limestone rock formations in Mackinac Island State Park that make spectacular photo ops. (Money-saving tip: You can package your carriage tour with other attractions such as Fort Mackinac or the Wings of Mackinac butterfly house and get a discount.)

For older kids who love horses, horseback riding through Mackinac Island State Park ($$) is a memorable activity. You can take a guided tour through one of Mackinac Island’s liveries or take the reins and head off your own adventure.

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Multiple reflecting images of a man sitting inside Mackinac Island's Maze of Mirrors

Experience Mackinac Island’s Maze of Mirrors and Haunted Theatre

Families with school-aged kids and older will have fun at a couple of classic attractions in downtown Mackinac Island. The Maze of Mirrors on Mackinac Island ($) is a 3D labyrinth of reflective glass that tricks your eyes and challenges you to find the way out. For some “spooky” fun, check out the legendary wax monsters inside Mackinac Island’s Haunted Theatre ($).

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A family skips stones in the water at Mackinac Island’s Windermere Point.

Stone Skipping and Kite Flying on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island’s Windermere Point, the rocky beach at the west end of downtown near the ferry docks, features some of the best skipping stones on the planet. Ditto for the waterfront near the Lawn at Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort, on the east end of Mackinac Island. Both are relaxing places to let the kids splash around by the shoreline for a bit. And they’re both totally free! They’re also fantastic spots for flying kites up in the lake breeze.

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A child pretends to fire a cannon on the Mackinac Island Ferry Company's pirate ship cruise

Get Out on the Water Surrounding Mackinac Island

While adults enjoy Mackinac Island’s Sip ‘n Sail Cruises, sailing charters and rides on the Ugly Anne ($$-$$$), the Mackinac Island Ferry Company has a special water adventure for kids, too: A ride to Mackinac Island on the “Good Fortune” pirate ship ($$)! Grab your best mates and go on an evening cruise between the mainland and Mackinac Island. You’ll experience a real cannon blast as you pull into the harbor.

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A family of four poses on the playground at Mackinac Island's Marquette Park

Playgrounds of Mackinac Island

There are a couple of great Mackinac Island playgrounds for kids to enjoy in town. One is located at the Mackinac Island Public School overlooking the water and another is in the far corner of Marquette Park at the foot of Fort Mackinac. Away from town, in the middle of Mackinac Island, is Great Turtle Park. There you’ll find a soccer field, sand volleyball court, basketball court, softball field, disc golf course and a pavilion with a fireplace and seasonal bathrooms.

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