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Five Things A Kid Must Do On Mackinac Island

An integral aspect of a family’s foundation is the family vacation. It’s a time to bond in unfamiliar territory. Experiencing something together brings a family closer together. It creates memories that ideally, your kids will want to re-create with their own kids in the future.

That’s the opportunity Mackinac Island presents. Mackinac is a family fun haven. It offers something for everyone, young and old. There are a variety of entertainment options for kids on Mackinac Island that will certainly have them talking about for the years to come. Below are five things any kid who visits Mackinac must do.

Playing In Marquette Park
Two girls play on the lawn of Marquette Park on Mackinac Island

1. Bike Ride Around the Island

Mackinac Island is a car-free Island where biking (and horses) is the prominent mode of transportation. One of the most popular activities of all is a bike ride along the Island’s exterior on M-185. The eight-mile ride is far from daunting, as it remains a relatively flat ride through its duration. There are numerous stops along the way that potentially bring many other adventures to fruition. Enjoy a picnic at British Landing, get a cute family photo at Devil’s Kitchen, and more.

2. Try Tasty Fudge

Fudge may not have been invented on Mackinac Island, but you could say it was perfected here. Fudge aromas suffuse the Island, especially upon stepping off the ferry, and you can’t help but wander inside one of the many fudge shops located downtown. The shops are usually packed full with kids, and for a good reason: the fudge is delicious! You’ll find a variety of flavors to try. Kids also love to line the stores and watch the fudge get made. There’s a reason this tasty treat is the Island’s most popular souvenir.

3. Explore Fort Mackinac

Conveying that learning can be fun to children isn’t always an easy task, but a trip to Mackinac can provide some assistance. One of the coolest sights is approaching the Island in the ferry and seeing Fort Mackinac. This historic fort was founded during the American Revolution and consists of 14 original buildings. Inside, kids can experience reenactments, interactive displays, cannon salutes and more. Exploring the fort is a must for any kid, and they may just leave as a history buff.

4. Play with Butterflies

Winged wonders reside on Mackinac at the Original Butterfly House and Wings of Mackinac. These two locations allow kids to witness beautiful creatures and learn something about them. Have that camera handy, because you never know when a butterfly will land on your little one, creating the perfect photo op.

5. See Arch Rock

Mackinac’s assembly of wonders extends into the geological realms. Arch Rock is a staple of Mackinac Island and easily provokes proclaims of “wow” from both young and old. Located close to downtown, Arch Rock’s resting place features sweeping views and inspiring sights. This is often the first spot people venture to when departing the downtown area, and for good reason: it’s simply picturesque.

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