Mackinac Island Fudge: Order Online for the Holidays

Psst. Here’s a tip for the perfect holiday gift: World-famous Mackinac Island fudge!

If you’ve been to Mackinac Island, you know why fudge is everyone’s favorite sweet treat. Maybe you’ve walked down Main Street and sniffed the irresistible scent of fudge wafting through town. Maybe you’ve watched in awe as fudge makers wield wooden paddles over a marble slab and work the molten goodness into loafs of joy. When you’re visiting the Fudge Capital of the World, it’s easy to see (and taste!) why Mackinac Island fudge is so famous.

There’s only one problem: Mackinac Island fudge shops close their storefronts for winter. Good thing you can still order Mackinac Island fudge online all year long!

Read on to learn more about Mackinac Island fudge and how to order fudge online year-round from Joann’s Fudge, Original Murdick’s Fudge and Ryba’s Fudge:

Mackinac Island attracts many “fudgies” who visit to enjoy free samples of world-famous Mackinac Island fudge.


Over 100 years ago, Mackinac Island was shifting from a military and fur trading post on the American frontier into a world-renown travel destination. In 1887, Mackinac Island’s first candy shop opened as Murdick’s Candy Kitchen. Using Sara Murdick’s original recipe, the Murdick family started making fudge and used big marble slabs to draw out the heat and cool the fudge evenly. These marble slabs were displayed at the front of the store where visitors could watch how fudge was made.

Suddenly, fudge-making became a public event. Fudge demonstrations kept visitors mesmerized as they watched makers heat the ingredients to over 230 degrees, pour the melted mixture onto giant marble slabs, and use large paddles to fold the fudge over and over until it eventually became a “loaf.”

By the 1960s, multiple fudge shops had stores on Mackinac Island. In addition to Murdick’s Fudge, Harry Ryba and his son-in-law Victor Callewaert opened the first Ryba’s Fudge Shop, Joan and Frank Nephew opened Joann’s Fudge Store, and Harold May operated May’s Candy Shop.

The fudge stores got creative and even used kitchen fans to blow the scent of fudge out onto the streets to attract passing guests. The sweet smells would stop visitors in their tracks and draw them into the fudge shop to try samples and purchase fudge.

Mackinac Island visitors became affectionately known as “fudgies” for their enthusiasm for Mackinac Island’s famous treat. Today visitors are still known by locals as fudgies and there are even more fudge businesses on Mackinac Island with over a dozen storefronts in the downtown area. You’re never far from a fudge shop on Mackinac Island!

The same tactics that were used over 100 years ago are still used today. You’ll find fudge makers working over big marble slabs behind large windows creating the perfect fudge loaf. Every block you’ll catch a whiff of fudge as it pulls you into another shop. And trying samples of fudge from each shop is a favorite way to determine who officially has the best Mackinac Island fudge.

Mackinac Island fudge businesses today include Joann’s Fudge, Kilwins Chocolate & Fudge Shop, May’s Fudge & Candy Shop, Murray Hotel Fudge, Original Murdick’s Fudge, Ryba’s Fudge Shops, and Sander’s Fudge & Candy.

A Mackinac Island fudge maker shapes liquid fudge into a loaf on a marble slab in a downtown storefront


While many Mackinac Island storefronts may be closed in the off-season, Mackinac Island fudge is available by ordering online year-round! If you’re looking for a Mackinac Island-themed gift, including Mackinac Island fudge is always a good idea. Many of the shops have holiday specials and seasonal flavors during the winter season. They also have more information on shipping dates to make sure the fudge is delivered in time for your celebrations.

The three fudge shops you can order Mackinac Island fudge from are Joann’s Fudge on Mackinac Island, Mackinac Island’s Original Murdick’s Fudge, and Ryba’s Fudge Shops on Mackinac Island. Visit their websites for more details on how to order Mackinac Island fudge and give the gift of Mackinac Island to those you love this holiday season.


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