Mackinac Island pub crawls are a tradition steeped in Island lore and the fact there are no automobiles on the Island.  The key to the crawl is collecting the bartender’s autographs… which gives the wearer kudos and bragging rights. For those ready to bring on the night, click here for Mackinac Island’s entertainment listings.

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We recommend splitting the crawl into two days. Many like to start on the east end of Main Street at Mission Point Resort’s Round Island Bar and others prefer starting on the west end from the Gate House. Either way, its important to pace yourself and drink responsibly for obvious reasons.

East to West Route

  1. Round Island Bar at Mission Point on Main Street
  2. Ice House at Island House on Main Street across from the Marina
  3. Pink Pony at Chippewa Hotel on Main Street downtown
  4. Millie’s on Main on Main Street downtown
  5. Horn’s Gaslight Bar on Main Street downtown
  6. Huron Street Pub on Main Street downtown
  7. Mustang Lounge on Astor Street downtown
  8. Yankee Rebel Tavern on Astor Street downtown
  9. Seabiscuit Cafe & Grog on Main Street downtown
  10. Goodfellow’s at Lake View Hotel on Main Street downtown
  11. Mary’s Bistro at the Star Line Ferry on Main Street downtown
  12. Draught House located next to Mary’s Bistro
  13. Village Inn on Hoban Street downtown
  14. Gate House on Cadotte Avenue at the foothills of Grand Hotel