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4 ways a Mackinac Island wedding consultant can help

Picturesque views of the water. Calming sounds of seagulls and horses. Memorable sunsets against the backdrop of the Mackinac Bridge. The iconic Mackinac Island kiss.

That’s all part of a Mackinac Island wedding.

Although it seems like a fantasy, it could be your reality. But how do you even start planning the wedding of your dreams?

It can feel overwhelming to consider all the details, from choosing the location for the ceremony to coordinating the rehearsal dinner to ordering the flowers and the wedding cake to hiring the photographer to arranging accommodations for guests to scheduling the clergy to…phew!

Just pause a moment and take a breath. You don’t have to do it all alone. There are several wedding consultants right on Mackinac who know the island intimately and can help you handle everything with minimal stress.

What can a Mackinac Island wedding consultant do? Here are four things to get started:

  • Select the perfect locations

The first, second and third orders of business when planning a dream wedding are location, location and location. Mackinac Island wedding consultants will help you choose the perfect place not only for your ceremony, but your rehearsal dinner and reception, too. Your Mackinac Island wedding consultant knows the venues that will make your wedding dreams come true.


  • Find the right professionals

All the details of a wedding like the flowers, the cake and the photographer can enhance your special day – or add to the stress. Our wedding consultants have strong relationships with many wedding service providers on Mackinac Island. They leverage these relationships to help you find the ideal florist, cake designer, photographer and any other professionals needed to make your day perfect.


  • Assist with transportation

Mackinac Island is renowned for prohibiting vehicles, and that can be a concern for some couples. After all, you’re used to getting around by car, bus or train. But whether you’re bringing a small group or a large group to Mackinac, transportation is no problem when our wedding consultants are involved. They know how to get around the island and they handle your logistics so you and your guests arrive where you need to be, when you need to be there.


  • Work within your budget

Let’s be honest, price matters. It’s not uncommon for a couple to be torn between the wedding of their dreams and anxiety about paying for it all. Our wedding consultants on Mackinac Island understand that it’s important to stay on track financially, and they know how to cut cost without cutting quality. They work with you to plan a wedding that’s just right for your budget.

Is there something else you need for your perfect wedding? Whatever your vision, the wedding consultants on Mackinac Island will do the hard work to bring your ideas to life – saving you time, headaches and money.

The bottom line is that Mackinac Island wedding consultants make your wedding dreams come true, allowing you to enjoy each moment of your big day and savor the memories for years to come. Check out our Mackinac Wedding Guide to find a wedding consultant ready to work with you!

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