5 sweet treats to keep you cool on Mackinac Island

There’s a lot of fudge on Mackinac Island. Each day during the summer, downtown fudge shops make 10,000 pounds of it!

But it’s hardly the only sweet treat on Mackinac Island. Just as each restaurant on Mackinac Island is unique, each one offers unique desserts to supplement your steady diet of delicious, decadent fudge.

And in many cases, those desserts are just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer day. Whether you like to cool off with an old-fashioned root beer float, a fudge martini or something you’ve never tried before, Mackinac Island has all kinds of ice-cold treats that are especially refreshing in summer.

Try these Delicious Mackinac Island Desserts

Grand Hotel's famous pecan balls are made of ice cream coated in chopped pecans and placed in a dish of Mackinac Island fudge sauce

The iconic Grand Pecan Balls are a staple at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, which has been making the dessert since the 1940s and serves up more than 60,000 of them each year. The simple recipe for the heavenly treats calls for just three basic ingredients: vanilla ice cream, chopped pecans and Mackinac Island fudge sauce (there’s that fudge again!).

Sanders Candy dates back nearly 150 years and for much of that history the confectionary has been identified with its famous Hot Fudge Cream Puff (again, fudge!). This treat is a pastry shell filled with ice cream and lathered in Sanders’ classic milk chocolate hot fudge topping.

The iconic rum runner at the Pink Pony on Mackinac Island is a popular cocktail that doubles as a refreshing summer treat

Let’s not forget frozen cocktails. One of the most well-known is served in “The Most Iconic Bar in Michigan.” The Pink Pony’s Rum Runner is made with a blend of light and dark rums, liqueurs and tropical juices and topped off with a spiced or coconut rum floater. Or, try a frosé at Lily’s Lemonade stand at Mission Point Resort.

The Grand Sundae at Sadie's Ice Cream Parlor at Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel is served in a dog dish

For all the fancy Mackinac Island desserts you have to try at least once, there’s also plenty of good old-fashioned ice cream on the island. From several flavors of Moomers ice cream at Good Day Cafe to a couple dozen flavors of Guernsey Farms Dairy ice cream at Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor (including the incredible Grand Sundae in a dog bone-shaped bowl), you’re never far from some soothing scoops in a cone!

There’s no ice cream in the Chocolate Bread Pudding at Yankee Rebel Tavern. Instead, the Taste of Mackinac award-winning dessert features imported Belgian chocolate married with French bread and topped with Gran Marnier Crème Anglaise. Translation: Delicious!


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