Pub Crawl on Car-Free Mackinac Island

Many Mackinac Island visitors spend their days biking and hiking the trails of Mackinac Island State Park, exploring historic Fort Mackinac or just relaxing and enjoying the sun’s warmth on one of Mackinac Island’s serene front porches. Then, come nightfall, their experience of Mackinac Island changes.

In fact, many visitors say the day truly begins once the sun sets and the last Mackinac Island ferry boat departs. That’s when people pour into the fantastic collection of Mackinac Island’s pubs and taverns that will leave you wishing the night never ends.

On car-free Mackinac Island you can create your own “pub crawl” with so many options nestled right along Main Street downtown. Let’s explore some of the places where you can stop for a drink along the way.

Customers sit at the bar inside the Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel on Mackinac Island

Bars on Mackinac Island

  • Craft beer aficionados will find liquid splendor at nearly any Mackinac Island establishment, but Mary’s Bistro Draught House should be a required stop. Here you’ll find northern Michigan’s largest collection of craft beers with 50 on tap. Try a new craft beer here and enjoy spectacular harbor views.


  • For those seeking a “neighborhood” type bar, consider Horn’s Gaslight Bar. Inside, patrons will typically find rockin’ bands and accomplished solo acoustic acts performing the night away. Dance and sing along here for a rocking good time.


  • Like cocktails, welcoming patios and good tunes? You’re going to like Pink Pony. Named by Thrillist as Michigan’s most iconic bar, this is a can’t-miss stop when you’re seeking nighttime jubilation.

More places to get a drink on Mackinac Island

A beer stands behind a plate of food on a table at Mary's Bistro Draught House on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Pub Crawl

What makes Mackinac Island’s nightlife special is how each establishment, in both atmosphere and menu, is so unique. Whether you plan your nightlife excursions or just go with the flow, you’re bound to have a memorable time.

If you’re looking for a suggested route for a Mackinac Island pub crawl, below is a popular one stretching from east to west. It’s recommended to split the crawl into at least a couple days. Let’s remember to enjoy Mackinac Island’s nightlife offerings responsibly.

    1. Round Island Kitchen at Mission Point on Main Street
    2. Ice House BBQ at Island House on Main Street across from the marina
    3. Pink Pony at Chippewa Hotel on Main Street downtown
    4. Millie’s on Main on Main Street downtown
    5. Horn’s Gaslight Bar on Main Street downtown
    6. Mustang Lounge on Astor Street downtown
    7. Yankee Rebel Tavern on Astor Street downtown
    8. Seabiscuit Cafe on Main Street downtown
    9. Kingston Kitchen at the Village Inn downtown
    10. Great Turtle Brewery and Distillery at Lake View Hotel on Main Street downtown
    11. Mary’s Bistro Draught House on Main Street downtown
    12. Gate House on Cadotte Avenue at the foothills of Grand Hotel

Now, let’s toast to the good times on Mackinac Island. Cheers!

What Mackinac Island visitors say they love most about the island’s pubs

Chart with a list of places to dine or get a drink on Mackinac Island


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