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The Porches of Mackinac Island

Summertime and porches go together. Is there a better way to spend a summer afternoon than on the porch while you sip on some tasty refreshment like lemonade?

And you know what else pairs nicely with the summer? Mackinac Island. And you know where you can find some gorgeous porches? That’s right, Mackinac Island.

Most people likely know about one specific Mackinac Island porch: the world’s longest porch at the Grand Hotel. The 660-foot porch is so massive you can spot it easily from the water as you approach the Island on the ferry. Earlier this year, the famed porch received some updates that included new flooring and masonry work on the pillar bases – so even if you’ve explored before, you should explore it again!

While it’s obviously the largest porch on the Island, it’s not the lone porch. Between the other lodging options, restaurant patios and verandas, and historic homes and cottages, there are numerous porches to stumble across while you are on the Island. Let’s gawk at and admire a few of them!

Can’t you just imagine yourself spending a peaceful night in a rocking chair on the porch at Pine Cottage?

Let’s not forget about the smaller, cozy porches. This one at Cottage Inn practically begs you to spend the morning on it while you drink your coffee and read the news.

Not all the great porches are front porches. This back porch at 1852 Grill Room pairs tasty meals with beautiful, sweeping views.

Respite comes easy on the porch at Cloghaun, one of the oldest Victorian homes on the Island and now a historic landmark.

While you can’t go onto the porches of the Island’s numerous private residences, you can admire plenty of them while you are out on your hikes, runs, carriage rides, and walks.

Ready to explore some porches? Plan your Mackinac Island visit at mackinacisland.org.

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