The Relaxing Porches of Mackinac Island

Is there a better way to spend a summer afternoon than on the porch while you sip a favorite beverage and watch the world pass by?

Mackinac Island is the USA’s Best Summer Travel Destination. And guess what? Mackinac Island is full of gorgeous porches!

Maybe you’ve heard about one Mackinac Island porch in particular: Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel has the longest front porch in the world. At 660 feet long, the porch at Grand Hotel is so massive that you can easily spot it from the water as you approach on a Mackinac Island ferry.

While the porch at Grand Hotel is the largest on Mackinac Island, it’s far from the only porch. Between all the charming places to stay on Mackinac Island, the historic homes and cottages and the delicious restaurants with outdoor dining patios and verandas, there are numerous porches to admire and experience when you visit. Let’s gawk at a few of them!

Mackinac Island’s Picturesque Porches


Can’t you just imagine yourself spending a peaceful night in a rocking chair on the porch at Mackinac Island’s Pine Cottage B&B? Not a bad place to do some stargazing!

Mackinac Island B&Bs provide a quaint, personal experience

Let’s not forget about the many small, cozy porches. This one at Mackinac Island’s Cottage Inn practically begs you to spend the morning on it while you drink your coffee and read the news.

A coffee fanatic’s guide to Mackinac Island

Aside from many great places to stay with glorious porches, Mackinac Island is home to dozens of restaurants with outdoor dining – including some with gorgeous porch and patio seating. This waterfront terrace patio outside the 1852 Grill Room at Mackinac Island’s Island House Hotel pairs tasty meals with beautiful, sweeping views of the marina and harbor.

Outdoor dining on Mackinac Island

Respite comes easy on the porch at the historic Cloghaun B&B on Mackinac Island. Built in 1884, the Victorian beauty is one of many historic places to stay on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island’s most historic hotels

While you can’t go onto the porches of Mackinac Island’s numerous private residences, you can admire them while you are out and about on a Mackinac Island hike, a bike ride around Mackinac Island, a Mackinac Island run or a horse-drawn carriage tour of Mackinac Island. Some Mackinac Island cottages are even available to rent.

Why Mackinac Island’s Victorian cottages are so darn big

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