Great Ways to Unplug & Relax on Mackinac Island

The daily grind can be overwhelming. We seek respite when life’s stresses — such as congested traffic, work’s demands, a constantly buzzing smartphone — start brimming. We desire a getaway to forget, unwind, and find our center again.

Mission Point’s Front Lawn

This escape features a different recipe from person to person. A prevalent ingredient however is unplugging. Our proclivities this day and age sway us toward screens. In such a connected world, we seek disconnection. A place where work emails can’t reach us or streaming channels can’t tempt us. Feeling as if we’re worlds away is what we covet. This feeling is what allures droves to Mackinac Island every summer. A place where you must arrive by boat (or plane) and bans automobiles. A place where fairytale charm intrinsically enchants and entices. Mackinac Island puts the “away” in “getaway.”

Relaxation is ubiquitous on the Island; it’s part of its atmosphere. Blaring horns are replaced with clip-clopping horses, the sounds of the water are entrancing, and the breezes are soothing. What makes Mackinac Island relaxing is a long list, so we’ll start with just highlighting four.

Adirondack Chairs at Mission Point

Curling up with a good book and no distractions may be the pinnacle of relaxation. The Adirondack chairs at Mission Point are among the best spots for just that. Pack a book and head to Mission Point’s expansive lakefront lawn. You may intend to read solely for an hour or two but this relaxing spot can pull you in and before you know it the hours have flown on by. And if kite-flying is something that relaxes you, this is also a premier spot to partake in the activity.

Trails and More Trails

M-185 is the main paved path that encircles the Island’s exteriors. The path can be bustling with visitors making the 8-mile ride around the Island, enjoying a stroll, or going for a horse and carriage ride. However, it’s not the lone path for sauntering: Mackinac features more than 70 miles of paved and natural trails, many that weave through the Island’s interior. One can spend ample time wandering and stumble across hidden curios throughout the Island. If walks or bike rides through nature is how you unwind, you’ll find Mackinac’s trails incredibly sating.

Picnic at Marquette Park or British Landing

There’s a certain aura about laying a blanket down, nestling in and enjoying a picnic lunch. It’s hard to go wrong with optimal picnic spots on the Island but Marquette Park and British Landing are two standouts. Located in front of Fort Mackinac, Marquette Park is right off Main Street. You can relax here and not only enjoy some grub, but it’s a fun spot to soak in all the Island activity. If you’d rather move away from the buzz, then hop on a bike with your picnic basket and ride to the other side of the Island to British Landing.

Sip A Cocktail on Pink Pony’s Patio

Savoring an adult beverage is an integral component for many people when seeking relaxation. Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel is a popular spot for patrons to have a cocktail while admiring the waterfront out on the patio. The sights are indelible and the drinks are tasty – a combo that certainly produces the relaxing combo you seek. Let your tranquil Mackinac day culminate with a nightcap at Pink Pony and toast one to the good, relaxing life.

Mackinac Island comprises all the attributes and amenities that a relaxing, unplugged getaway requires. When you do need to plug back in while on the Island, all the modern technology is available and can still be used.


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