A Coffee Fanatic’s Guide to Mackinac Island

You may be out of the office when you’re on Mackinac Island, but that doesn’t mean you want to be out of coffee.

Relishing a cup o’ joe is a morning ritual for many of us. From the sound of the pour, to the arresting aroma, to that very first sip: it’s a process that awakens the spirit and prepares us for the day ahead.Mackinac Island offers a variety of unique coffee shops to get your morning fix.

Coffee connoisseurs will find ample options to quench their caffeinated cravings on Mackinac Island. Whether you prefer some fancy latte or a simple black coffee, you can get your fix at various spots, all with their own distinctions. From what’s brewed to atmosphere to location, let this blog be your menu to Mackinac Island’s coffee offerings.

If a friendly ambiance is where you prefer to sip on coffee, then Lucky Bean Coffee House is a great place to start a Mackinac Island morning. Located on Market Street, this small establishment brews local coffee, features many specialties – from americanos to chai lattes – and creates Island Originals concoctions. Those who are adventurous with their coffee drinks can make good use of its unique menu – the helpful, accommodating baristas are sure to find the right drink for you. Lucky Bean also serves fresh pastries daily.

Coffee lovers with an artsy soul will appreciate Watercolor Café. A newer addition to Mackinac Island, this eatery doubles as a creative space where visitors can participate in workshops and art classes. Located on the waterfront, you can enjoy your coffee while taking in glorious views of the harbor: nothing like coffee and a gentle lake breeze to wake you up! Order up a drip coffee or a specialty latte and absorb an unforgettable atmosphere. Watercolor Café also serves breakfast until noon and lunch before transforming into a creative studio later in the day.

If you like a little ice cream to go with your coffee (or maybe coffee for you, ice cream for the kids), Good Day Café + Coffee Bar is your move. Located on Main Street, this fun little spot is open from breakfast to dinner and in between snacking. In addition to its substantial coffee menu, visitors can scoop up some Moomers homemade ice cream! Its location makes it the perfect pit stop for an on-the-go pick-me-up at whatever time during the day.

Depending on where you stay on Mackinac Island, there may be a coffee shop within a few footsteps from your room. Boxwood and Straight UP Coffee are both located directly inside Mission Point Resort on the east side of the island. At the Grand Hotel, you can pop inside Grand Coffee and Provisions to grab a coffee in the morning before you begin your day. And if you aren’t staying at the Grand, getting your coffee here is a great way to experience the historic hotel.

And finally, of course, they’re seemingly on every corner and that includes Mackinac Island: yes, you can get your Starbucks fix on the island. The Mackinac Island location was modeled off the original Starbucks location at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle.

No matter how you take your coffee, or whatever specialty coffee predilections you hold, Mackinac Island pours it. Whether you want to sit inside for enjoyment or take it to-go to sip while admiring one of the many stunning views the island provides, you’re bound to have a memorable coffee experience during your stay.

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