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Breakfast Options on Mackinac Island

Eating a good breakfast is important any day, but it’s extra important as you prepare for a day of exploring on Mackinac Island.

With 70+ miles of trails, historical reenactments and exhibits, horse-drawn carriage rides, kayaking, and biking there is so much to discover. Make sure you’re prepared for the day by choosing one of the following breakfast options to fuel you.

Infographic showing Mackinac Island breakfast options and price ranges

Check out this printable rundown of breakfast options on Mackinac Island


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A waiter serves a party of four at one of Mackinac Island’s many restaurants that serve breakfast.

Breakfast Options on Mackinac Island

1852 Grill Room at Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island

A deliciously refined breakfast option known for the Country Benny and Red Flannel Hash, highlighted by a stunning water view of the Round Island Passage light!

Amigo Burrito at Murray Hotel on Mackinac Island

A Mackinac Island favorite for a quick and healthy breakfast! Amigo Burrito is an informal Mexican grill serving made-to-order burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and bowls with options such as eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and veggies! Murray Hotel has fresh donuts too!

Boxwood Coffeeshop & Café at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island

Boxwood Coffeeshop & Café is just steps from M-185 and the Mission Point Great Lawn and offers a variety of to-go items including specialty coffees, teas, beer and wine, snacks, ice cream, and hot and cold breakfast and lunch options.

 The Chuckwagon on Mackinac Island

Small but mighty, The Chuckwagon is a local delight on Mackinac Island! This small diner-esque spot often has a waiting line out the door but don’t worry, it goes fast and the food is definitely worth the wait!

Doud’s Market on Mackinac Island

Doud’s Market has a little bit of everything including the perfect ingredients for a grab-n-go breakfast. You can build your own from the grocery selection or choose premade items such as breakfast sandwiches and burritos from the deli!

Good Day Café on Mackinac Island

It’s a good day at the Good Day Café! The menu includes breakfast sandwiches, coffee, donuts, and breakfast rolls. Good Day Café is located downtown and has both sit down or grab & go options.

Grand Coffee and Provisions on Mackinac Island

Located inside Grand Hotel on the lower level, Grand Coffee & Provisions is a casual dining option offering grab-n-go food and beverages for every meal throughout your day. Morning options are available until 11:30 a.m.

Grand Hotel Breakfast Buffet on Mackinac Island

Enjoy breakfast at the stunning dining room at Grand Hotel. You can enjoy the breakfast buffet or there are grab-n-go breakfast options throughout the hotel. There is a $10 admission to Grand Hotel for non-guests.

A barista at Lucky Bean on Mackinac Island hands a cup of coffee toward the camera.

Lucky Bean Coffeehouse on Mackinac Island

“Where the locals drink good coffee,” Lucky Bean Coffeehouse is your go-to coffee destination and also offers a variety of breakfast items like muffins and bagels.

Mighty Mac Hamburgers

Mackinac Island’s version of McDonald’s. Muffins, bagels, burgers, burritos, yogurt, fruit, and hash browns make up the morning menu at Mighty Mac Hamburgers. Order to go or settle into one of their booths for a bite to eat. Even better? If you go all the way to the back, Mighty Mac has an outdoor patio with seating for customers on the water.

Pancake House on Mackinac Island

Where the eggs are fresh, the cakes are hot, and the syrup still is flowing long after traditional breakfast hours! Mackinac Island’s fastest short-order cooks whip up classic waffles or pancakes guaranteed to hit the spot, and the selection of toppings makes them even better. Fresh fruit? Check. Yummy nuts? You bet! Chocolate? Hey, you are on vacation, treat yourself!

Pink Pony on Mackinac Island

The Pink Pony is a favorite for live music and nightlife, but they serve a fantastic breakfast, too! Looking for local flavors? Whitefish is the fish of choice when you’re on the Great Lakes, so give the Smoked Whitefish Benedict a try!

Round Island Kitchen at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island

Guests and non-guests are invited to enjoy breakfast on the sunrise side of Mackinac Island. One of the signature items is the whitefish based Northern Michigan Benny, a local twist on traditional flavors!

Seabiscuit Café on Mackinac Island

Pop in for breakfast in this cozy downtown cafe. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Try the famous Mango Infused Mimosa!

Starbucks on Mackinac Islands

Needing your Starbucks fix? We’ve got you covered! Stop in for coffee and breakfast to-go.

Feedbag at Surrey Hill on Mackinac Island

Get your hot fresh donuts here! Surrey Hill might be off the beaten path but it’s hard to resist these delicious donuts. If you’re taking a public carriage tour of Mackinac Island you’re in luck because Surrey Hill is a stop along the way!

Watercolor Café on Mackinac Island

Coffee café in the morning, art studio in the evening. Locally owned, they specialize in delicious breakfast, sandwiches, baked goods, fresh fruit smoothies, healthy snacks and more. Located right on the water, you can’t beat this location!

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