Selfie Spots

Mackinac Island is a photographer’s dream. Scenic vistas, majestic horses, Victorian architecture and, of course, the Mighty Mac. But, professional level photography is not for everyone. Enter the selfie.

Landmark Locations

Top of Fort Hill

Anne’s Tablet

Cass Monument

Robinson’s Folly

Arch Rock

Nicolet Watchtower

Bench on Tranquil Bluff Trail

Fort Holmes

Point Lookout

Cave in the Woods

Crack in the Island

British Landing Canon

Skull Cave

Sunset Rock

Buildings and more

Grand Hotel Porch

Grand Hotel, Red Phone Booth

Grand Hotel, 4-person Round Chair

Grand Hotel, Cupola Bar

Father Marquette Statue

Mission Point Resort Lawn, Adirondack chairs

Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Woodfill Bench on Cadotte Avenue