The Emojis of Mackinac Island

They’re everywhere for a reason: they’re fun! Nothing quite punches up a social media post like the insertion of an emoji. There’s so many of them of now, there’s basically something for everything and everyone.

Eating a tasty meal and posting a photo of it? Better use 🍽 paired with 🤤. Writing a post about how something exciting occurred? Better use 🙌. At a baseball game? Can’t forget ⚾, 🌭 and 🍺. Going to Mackinac Island? Well, there are some appropriate emoji for that too. Below are five relevant Mackinac emoji.


No need to bust out 🚗 on Mackinac Island. Horses are the main mode of transportation on the Island as motor vehicles have been banned since the late 1800s. Prepare to your pepper your Instagram with 🐴 during your visit.


Remember how we just mentioned cars are banned? Well that also clears the path for biking as a prominent Mackinac activity. A must-do of any Mackinac Island trip is the eight-mile ride around the Island’s exterior on M-185 – the only state highway in the country that bans cars. Finish the ride and post all those beautiful photos you took as you stopped along the way with 🚲 as the caption.


There’s added magic when you stay the night on Mackinac Island. A major component of that magic is the sunrise the next morning. A Mackinac morning is a peaceful experience. Waking up on the Island before the ferries start bringing everyone over is special. It’s worth it to wake up early and witness the sunrise. Snap that photo and use 🌅 when you post. And maybe throw in a ☕ for good measure.


An Island has it benefits – primarily that there’s a lot of water to play in! Kayaking and paddleboarding are prominent activities. You’ll want to make the water trek to Arch Rock for a unique perspective of this popular rock formation. Show your friends how the water is your playground and bust out that 🚣 when you post about the experience later.


By the time your trip ends, you’ll be in love with Mackinac Island. 😍 is the best way to sum up your trip. But don’t be surprised a 😭 works its way into your social media posts when you leave the Island.

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