What to do with your tax refund: Book a Mackinac Island escape

Yay! It’s tax season and, hopefully, you’ve got a big fat refund coming your way. In fact, nearly eight in 10 people receive a federal income tax refund each year, with the average amount around $3,000.

That’s a nice chunk of change!

There’s no shortage of ways to spend that money, of course. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a particular item and now you’re ready to make the purchase. Good for you! But keep in mind that some ways of spending your tax refund can be more memorable than others.

For example, why not take the money and treat yourself to something really special like an unforgettable getaway on charming and historic Mackinac Island?

A man leans a woman back for a kiss on a bridge in the Secret Garden near Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Why Mackinac Island Is Such A Great Place To Visit

Once a strategic military outpost, Mackinac Island started gaining favor as a tourism destination in the mid-1800s when visitors began arriving in search of fresh air and comfortable summer temperatures. Mackinac Island still offers those amenities and so much more. It’s a picturesque getaway that can entertain you for a few days or even more. It can be your well-deserved escape from the daily grind, such as filing taxes!

Just imagine what it will be like to experience the USA’s Best Summer Travel Destination:



  • When you step off the boat at the ferry docks, you’ll feel as if you’re entering another world. A magical world where time stands still. It’s just one small step for man, yet one giant leap for fun! Mackinac Island dockporters will take your bags to your hotel, and you can start exploring.


  • Once you arrive on Mackinac Island, there are so many things to do. Do you prefer to relax? Well, relaxation is Mackinac Island’s specialty. You can go to the spa, sip your favorite cocktail on the porch, stroll along the boardwalk, browse the shops, sample fudge, savor exquisite food, play golf, go on a horse-drawn carriage tour…the list goes on. Or do you desire adventure? Outdoor recreation is Mackinac Island’s specialty, too. You can ride bikes, paddle kayaks, hike through Mackinac Island State Park, ride horseback, explore historic forts, discover hidden landmarks and more.

Two bicycles sit parked on the street in front of the Inn on Mackinac, a bed and breakfast on Mackinac Island

When the government owes you money instead of the other way around, then you owe yourself something really special. Mackinac Island implores you to forget about the mainland, where responsibilities such as tax returns demand your attention and where honking horns are inescapable. Mackinac Island is where you can escape from the routine and be inspired.

If you’re due a refund on your taxes, that means you’re due for a celebration. You’re due for Mackinac Island.


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