Mackinac Island: A Dog’s View

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. My name is Rex and my owner, Jim, just pulled my leash out from the closet. I can’t stop running around the house – we’re going somewhere! We’re going somewhere! Woof!

That leash always – well, 99% of the time since I’m no fan of the vet’s office – means something exciting is about to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love our home but the world is a big place and there’s so much to see and do out there. That’s especially true for this one place he took me last year – Mackinac Island it was called.

That was quite the place. Typically, when we exit the car that means we’ve arrived at the destination. Not with Mackinac, though, no no. During this occasion, we departed the car and boarded what I can only describe as a car that drives on water – a ferry, I believe I remember Jim calling it. Now I thought sticking my head out of a car window was fun, but being out on the water took it to a whole new level. It didn’t take any effort whatsoever to feel the cool breeze as there was nothing to stick my head out of – I was completely in the open on this magical vessel. I can recall thinking how we must be off to somewhere special if it involves this splendor. The ride captured all my dog senses – the sounds and smells especially. I absolutely loved crossing the water. Maybe I was someone’s pet fish in a previous life!

Stepping off the vessel and onto the Island really made my tail wag! So many exciting things were happening. There were people on bikes and these other animals I can only describe as gigantic dogs. Even though one of my hobbies is chasing cars, the fact that this magical land lacked them made it even more appealing.

We dispersed onto Main Street and I was immediately captivated by the colorful downtown, filled with restaurants, shops, and more. The various fudge shops were such a tease too since dogs can’t eat that stuff.

After checking in at one of the dog-friendly hotels on the Island, the real fun began. The Island itself is mostly state park, which means lots of nature and seemingly endless miles of trails – that’s a dog’s paradise! We hiked and explored all the nooks and crannies. We stumbled across numerous interesting geological formations. For example, one was arched like a cat’s back after they see my intimidating dog self!

A long day of exploration calls for some culinary enjoyment. And while I’m not allowed inside all the establishments, there’s a handful where I am able to remain tableside out on the patio or verandas. It’s no sweat off my owner’s back for having to eat outside with me – the views are spectacular!

It’s easy to be man’s best friend when they take you on trips like Mackinac Island. What a weekend that was. We’re about due for another one, I’d say. Hopefully that’s why he’s pulled the leash out.


Mackinac Island has a leash law and asks that everyone picks up after their pet. There are hotels that are pet friendly and many restaurants have pet seating areas while others will let you bring your pooch to the table on their verandas or patios. Please know only service dogs are permitted inside at any restaurant. For more information, please call our office at 906-847-3783.

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