Remote work on Mackinac Island: Where to set up shop

Imagine stepping back in time and seeing streets full of horse-drawn carriages. Admiring gorgeous Victorian cottages high on the bluff. Sensing the authentic vibe of real historical attractions.

What you’re picturing is Mackinac Island. It’s a place that in many ways still looks and feels as if it’s back in the 1800s.

Only with Wi-Fi.

With matchless charm on the one hand and modern amenities on the other, Mackinac Island offers the best of both worlds. No wonder Travel + Leisure’s No. 1 Best Island is such an appealing place for remote work!

Whether you call it “bleisure” travel or a flexcation, a visit to Mackinac Island is an opportunity for both digital nomads and office employees who can work from anywhere to change their surroundings for a while.

You’ll find that all your urgent tasks are more enjoyable to tackle when you’re sitting on the porch amid the spectacular views and timeless ambiance of Mackinac Island.

Infographic showing six top places to work remotely on Mackinac Island

Best Places to Work Remotely on Mackinac Island

Looking to get away for a few days and still get some work done? Here are some of the best places on Mackinac Island to bring your laptop and other tools of the trade:

The front exterior of Mackinac Island Public Library along the boardwalk on a day with sunny blue skies

Mackinac Island Public Library

As popular as Mackinac Island is to travelers from around the world, it’s also home to a year-round population of about 500 people. So, of course, there’s a library right in town – a library that happens to sit right on the gorgeous Straits of Mackinac. Find a seat inside the ornate interior designed by the late Carleton B. Varney, who also redecorated the rooms in Mackinac Island’s famous Grand Hotel. Or sit out on the back porch by the water in an Adirondack chair.

Where to find Mackinac Island Public Library

Customers come in an out of Lucky Bean Coffeehouse on a rainy day in downtown Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Coffee Shops

There are no fewer than six coffee shops on Mackinac Island, from Grand Hotel to Mission Point Resort and locations in between. Each one has its own personality and character, not to mention distinctive cups of coffee and an assortment of food such as pastries, sandwiches, salads – even slices of Mackinac Island fudge! What they all have in common is space for you to set up shop for a couple hours. Watercolor Café even doubles as an art studio and creative workspace.

Coffee Fanatic’s Guide to Mackinac Island

Hotel Lobbies on Mackinac Island

Yes, they’re lobbies by name. But at many places to stay on Mackinac Island, lobbies are really living rooms for guests who have booked an overnight stay. In fact, that’s exactly what Mission Point Resort calls its rotunda-style lobby with vaulted log trusses. The space is both historic and tasteful, featuring several refurbished original chairs from the 1950s. Mission Point is also home to a conference center with meeting space for groups as well as workstations for individual guests – including some with waterfront views.

Don’t let your unused vacation days go to waste

Adirondack chairs, giant pillars and American flags line the world’s longest front porch at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel

Porches of Mackinac Island

One of the distinctive features of the Victorian architecture on Mackinac Island is the front porch. Grand Hotel, for example, has the world’s longest front porch. It’s greater than the length of two football fields! While not all of the island’s porches are quite so long, many are just as beautiful in their own right. One of the top spots to sit in a rocking chair and tackle to-dos is on the glorious porch at Island House Hotel, overlooking the scenic Mackinac Island marina and harbor.

The Porches of Mackinac Island

The front steps to Mackinac Island’s Hotel Iroquois at night with lights illuminating the porch and inside

Suites on Mackinac Island

Of course, sometimes the most comfortable workspace will be your very own space – right in your hotel room. From Lilac Tree Suites and Hotel Iroquois downtown to the resorts of Mackinac Island and places to stay off the beaten path, there are many spacious lodging options where you can work remotely with convenience and ease. The toughest part is deciding where to book your stay!

Choosing where to stay on Mackinac Island: Hotels, resorts, B&Bs, condos and cottages


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