Scenes from Opening Day for Mackinac Island Businesses

The cannon blasts from Mackinac Island’s historic Fort Mackinac. Horses clip-clop through the streets pulling carriages of visitors as they enjoy a horse-drawn tour of Mackinac Island. And the Mackinac Island ferry boats arrive with enthusiastic guests ready to explore.

There’s a hum out on the Mackinac Island streets as businesses open for the new season!

With a tourism season of May-October, most storefronts are closed 6 months out of the year. And while Mackinac Island businesses are resting and prepping for the upcoming season, the end of April arrives with a flurry of excitement as Mackinac Island comes alive.

Each business is a little different for the dates they open but generally, most businesses on Mackinac Island open the beginning of May.

We asked our Mackinac Island businesses to send us their first customer or guest of the year so you could experience Mackinac Island opening for the season as well!

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours welcomed visitors for the first horse-drawn carriage tours of the year. Public carriage tours are about 1.5 hours and visit highlights of Mackinac Island including stops at Surrey Hill, Arch Rock, and Fort Mackinac.

A photo of the first Cloghaun B&B guests of the 2022 season on the steps of the Mackinac Island bed and breakfast.

Mackinac Island’s Cloghaun B&B welcomed their first guests of the 2022 season! Did you know there are 13 B&B’s and 39 different places to stay on Mackinac Island? From quaint Mackinac Island bed and breakfasts and historical cottages to modern hotels and full-service resorts, we have a variety of options for ever traveler!

A historical interpreter fires the cannon at Fort Mackinac for the first time in the 2022 season on Mackinac Island.

Fort Mackinac fired the first cannon of the season. Fort Mackinac is a Revolutionary-era fort and features 14 original buildings, daily rifle demonstrations, and expansive views of the Straits of Mackinac.

When you visit Fort Mackinac, be sure to add the rest of the Mackinac State Historic Parks attractions including the Biddle House and Mackinac Island Native American Museum, Richard and Jane Manoogian Art Museum, American Fur Co. Store, and the McGulpin House to your list as they are included in the ticket price.

A photo of an Ohio couple who were the first guests of the 2022 season at Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort.

Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort opened the doors to their first guests visiting from Ohio! Mission Point Resort is excited to highlight a new menu at their restaurants from Executive Chef John Clements. On the sunrise side of Mackinac Island you’ll find putt-putt golf, bike rentals, a salon & spa, boutiques, and much more!

A photo of the first customers of the 2022 season at Mackinac Wellness, an exclusive concierge spa service

Mackinac Wellness served their first Island customers! As an exclusive concierge spa service, Mackinac Wellness services their clients at The Mackinac House. They provide IV therapies and IV drip hydration on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Wellness is a new business on the Island. Check out this blog post for all the new Mackinac Island businesses in 2022.

A photo of the first customers of the 2022 season at Mackinac Wellness, an exclusive concierge spa service

The cold weather didn’t stop these gals from purchasing the first pair of Birks from Mackinac Birkenstock. They picked up the new, limited edition Kay Floral Mint Birks!

Mackinac Birkenstock has been on Mackinac Island since 1999 and sells the Birkenstock footwear and Chaco outdoor sandals. Located in the Lilac Tree Mall on Main Street, Mackinac Birkenstock is the place to get your Mackinac Island footwear!

The first customer of the season at Kilwins Mackinac Island gives a thumbs-up to the camera while holding a bag of fudge.

Kilwins Mackinac Island got a thumbs-up approval from their first customer of the season. Kilwins is one of 7 fudge shops on Mackinac Island and features hand-crafted Caramel Corn & Brittle, freshly-made Waffle Cones, Caramel Apples, Chocolate-Dipped Confections, and of course a variety of flavors of world-famous Mackinac Island fudge.

A man inside Mackinac Island’s Lucky Bean Coffeehouse holds a sign that says “Where Locals Drink Good Coffee.”

A line of customers waited in anticipation for Mackinac Island’s Lucky Bean Coffeehouse to open their doors for the season. When you walk down historic Market Street, the fragrant smells from Lucky Bean might stop you in your tracks! Enjoy fresh brewed, hand selected single-origin coffees, pastries, and season drinks during limited times.

A coffee fanatic’s guide to Mackinac Island

A family checks in at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel as the first guests of the 2022 season.

Mackinac Island’s stately Grand Hotel warmly welcomed guests arriving early in the day for their weekend stay. Adding to the spectacular Esther Williams swimming pool, Grand Hotel in 2022 opened the new Woodlands Activity Center on Mackinac Island including a pickleball court, bicycle course, bike rentals, 18-hole miniature golf course, and greenhouse!

The first customer of the season at The Island Bookstore on Mackinac Island holds a poetry book that she bought.

The Island Bookstore on Mackinac Island opened their doors for their first customer and a day early at that! Local teacher and fudge-maker, Heather, received the VIP experience from The Island Bookstore crew.

The Island Bookstore has 2 locations, one in the Lilac Tree Mall and the other on Main Street, and offers a variety of Mackinac Island themed books, books from local authors, as well as cards, stickers, and other items.

Where to read a good book on Mackinac Island

Customers dine inside the Pancake House on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island’s Pancake House opened bright and early for their first day. A part of Mackinac Island since 1963, Pancake House serves up eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more, daily!

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